Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2 Meet USA Cycling President Mark Abramson

Picture courtesy : Cycling News

Now I've seen Mark Abramson a number of times in some of my collegiate Easterns. I was pretty surprised when I learnt that he took over the new role this March (Read this cyclingnews article). I think his personality and passion for the sport will fit very well for the governing body of cycling in this country. Congratulations!

I didn't tell many people this but I'll put it out here anyway. Funny resemblance, and sometimes a little scary - When Abramson puts on his sunglasses, he has this uncanny ability to look like Lance Armstrong. You won't tell the difference from the crowd. I've been fooled pretty well on a couple of occasions.


  1. I know who he is. I've met him during Eastern's collegiate races, and have talked with him on several occasions. Great guy, I'm glad he took over but I don't think he ever mentioned it at any of our races, which goes to show how good of a guy he is, not trying to make himself look or sound important. He is the main announcer during our races, and I hope he continues to do that next year.

  2. Yeah, he's a pretty down to earth guy. And yeah it was during the announcements that I spotted him, he looked like Lance!


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