Monday, May 26, 2008

4 Swisstop GHP Pad Testing

What : Green High Performance (GHP) - Green compound the rubber mixture of the superlative for all aluminum and ceramic rims. Excellent brake power in dry conditions and unbeatable in rain. Very low pad and rim wear. [From Manufacturer's Site]

Who : Swiss Stop pads are made by a Swiss company named Rex Articoli SA. Their 70 years of experience in technical compounds allows them to produce brake pads with highly fine tuned performance characteristics. Swiss Stop pads have superior stopping power, low pad-wear rates, very linear brake response, and a smooth, quiet performance. [Competitive Cyclist]

Below are test setups to measure pad co-efficient of friction. The facility is able to simulate wet conditions as well. Brake pad wear is measured to within 1/100 gram accuracy. Courtesy WorldClassCycles.

I'm wondering how they make these pads but ingredients are often closely guarded manufacturing secrets.


  1. Amazing..test props swiss stop has. Probably they could sprinkle in some road grime for the real life simulation.

    Avid reader of your blog , keep it up dude...

    it boggles me on how you could get those pics.

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  3. Good to know. I need to replace my pads. Well, I am not sure they can even be considered pads any longer. They are rubber for sure, but not really pads. More like nubs.

  4. Viious : Thank you. It boggles me how I find things too. :)

    Chris : Do the right thing. Change your pads.


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