Tuesday, November 27, 2007

5 CSC bike on sale

Yes, on Ebay is Carlos Sastre's Tour ridden R3 for auction. All proceeds to CSC are supposedly going as charity to a South African cycling center. Save some of that Christmas money for this one.

Its raining and snowing out here in Buffalo. Seems like that misleading winter has finally kicked in. Its beautiful to watch. When I get cold, I hop on the trainer. Speaking of trainers, there isn't any in the market to which you can fix your fixie to, can you? I've a bunch of ideas..


  1. get some roller for the fixed

  2. i ride my fixie on a standard cyclops fluid, no problems.

  3. The hardest snow I ever saw in my life was in Buffalo. I don't envy you.

  4. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Just like Nate I was going to suggest Rollers... and if you're not a (free riding)rollers fan you can use a fork stand with it.

  5. Nate - Yes, much better of a workout

    Brent - I was thinking this could happen without a problem. maybe i should try it out

    Chris - Hmm,if you're talking about the snowstorm last october, then yes... it was pretty disastrous. I think buffalo winters can be quite a nice season, but it also happens to be one of the windiest cities in the u.s. So, the wind chill factor just doubles the suffering :)

    Don - Yes yes, rollers!


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