Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2 Tokyo Cycle Show 2007

I'm not sure when this took place, but here is a link with lots of "white", totally Euro products in the glitz.

And what's more interesting than learning today that people at Compagnolo should work a bit with their English.

Speaking of grammer, I hear quite a lot of people pronouncing it as "COM-PAN-OLA". Whats the deal with this? Totally destroyed it there. As much as we all love their products, we could hold some reverence to getting their name right in the first place.


Just like French names are not messed around with, this Italian name is pronounced "CAM-PAN-YOLO". There is no "A" at the end, and the "gn" in the word produces a distinct "nye" sound. Try it out. I just had to correct a long time cycling buddy of mine last week on this.


  1. Thanks for the interest, Ron. I agree the engineering behind cycling is amazing, and pretty much every [interesting] topic in engineering can be explained in its application to going faster on two wheels. I do use CyclingPeaks and an SRM for every ride. I am definitely busy, but my goal is a post a week!

  2. Nick,

    Hell you must be busy, friggin Princeton right?

    Yup, engineering + human factor = moving faster on a bike. I'm proud that I took up this field.


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