Friday, September 08, 2006

0 Time Saver

Such time consuming work does we mechanical engg. students have to deal with that sometimes you just yearn for some solutions and definitions to help you with the daily work. Thats when my friend lend me this book which became a total life and time saver.

Rules of Thumb for Mechanical Engineers by J. Edward Pope contains the most essentials on fluids , heat transfer, thermodynamics, pressure vessels and what not. You name it and its in there.Its easy to read and provides quick, accurate solutions to engineering problems. Its too much to ask in one volume but it has fast, accurate answers to design issues ( which was totally eating most of my time!),
practical "how-to" methods in one convenient volume. What totally made me fall in love with the book was the fact that it was 'point perfect' all without wading through pages of theory.I believe this book is a must have for all Mechanical Engineering students since it helps save the industrial practitioner valuable time.

I own one!!


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