Saturday, September 09, 2006

0 Another Person Annoyed with Facebook - Me!

"Hey Julie......blah blah blah...oh okay, I gotta go..are you on facebook? Oh ok, cool. I'll add you..."

From every usual snippet of conversation you hear as you walk past students on campus, the above is there, somewhere...or if one of them forgot to mention it and slipped away, he is she will remember it soon enough to run back to the other person to "socialize" on facebook...

No seriously, checking facebook every 2 hours is an eternally important thing to do. Students will swear by it. Its what gets them through college man...

Okay, I don't use Facebook, period. I just belive that there are tons of other ways to make friends. It can be consuming if you make the mistake of falling in love with it.

I had a facebook account months back. I conveniently got rid of it. Recently I came to know about Facebook's teamup with Microsoft, and a change in the user interface. You might ask how does it affect me? Ofcourse it affects me. For the past one week, I had to get up in the morning or even get back from school just to hear my roommates whining about facebook's new look. In fact, it has left many in confusion, and even anger. Facebook became so transparent for a while that you could see which one of your friends broke up with, what he did thurday night. what she did during her free time and ridiculous things like that.

My roommates were infact so annoyed that they formed a facebook group called 'I miss the old Facebook'. It was hilarious. They got so many hits and members, that withinthe first 24 hours, the number of people who joined climbed to 1200!!! Thats one of the fastest growths I've heard of.

So, not only had I to hear their whinings, but also their loud, jubilant exclamations every 2-3 minutes as they watched their group membership growing in real time.

Facebook, gosh..I hate you!


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