Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2 Pedaling History Bicycle Museum

For those of you cyclists who do come up here to Western NY, you should definitely visit Pedaling History, the world's largest bicycle museum. Its just 15 or 20 miles from where I live, maybe we can meet up and catch a cup of coffee too?

Anyway, watch curator Carl Burgwardt (also a retired Buffalo executive) give us a sweet introduction to historical bicycles with an excellent video, courtesy of River Wired TV. (It may take a little while to load but you can try refreshing the page or click the direct link here)


  1. I'll have to come up sometimes. Maybe I'll make a trip this summer, any good cheap places nearby I could rent a room for the night? I'll let you know if I decide to come up, we'll have to get together!

  2. WNY is a nice place, atleast during this time of the year. You could give me a shout, I could let u stay at my place. I don't know of any cheap motels in Olean but you might find something online. Buffalo might have plenty (comfort inn,red roof etc), u should also go check out the Niagara.


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