Sunday, October 14, 2007

0 Limar, the weight of a dream!

Weight of a dream. I know I didn't dream it..

Which one is it? 104 grams or 180? Sometimes, companies should not put vague numbers all over the place. Do designers play a game of dice, and find out what number they like best? Like the Stradivarius199 helmet I talked about before. Whats the guarantee its 199 grams? None. If I put another 9 after 199, it'd probably make no difference. Of course, then I would wonder whether it costs somewhere around 1999 dollars!!!

I'm also confused what IS the lightest helmet. Specialized,MET or Limar? Don't you think its kind of scary how this whole love affair with lightness has gripped the helmet designers? Afterall, its protecting your "dream box" against a fall! I see this going in a reverse evolution sort of way. They're all going to get down to helmets so light, it'd save more time on their part and money on our part just to wear a simple cycling cap.


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