Thursday, September 20, 2007

0 Marketing contradizzione!

When you're bored and want to amuse yourself, put two cycling companies together, visit their websites and try and come up with contradictions. I mean, this is, if you're REALLY jobless. Its fun for me though. Sigh, non ricordo!

An instance.

Probably half the cycling world already knows that the MET Stradivarius199 helmet is one of the few around that is sub 200grams. If you don't, you're not wasting enough time on the internet! C'mon!!!

So then if you look at Specialized's webpage for a S-Works helmet, you get this marketing bull crap.

Perfect for performance-minded riders and racers, the S-Works 2D is the lightest helmet in the world, hands down, weighing in at a mere 225g (size medium). The 2D pays attention to details that other helmets miss, from its extremely minimal weight to increased ventilation, comfort and effortless security. Every component has been redesigned, from the weight-savings patented construction to the details of the fit system, retention system, webbing, U-Turn and even the buckle.

Oops, sorry Specialized. You're way off your target for the lightest helmet.

Don't get me wrong, both helmets are equally cool looking. But c'mon, who are they trying to fool? At a gram below 200g, how much tolerance is there in the error? Seriously, some marketing folks are pure fools. Making broad claims is one thing, backing it up is another.


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