Wednesday, November 08, 2006

0 Yawnnn (design issues...again)

So for two consecutive nights I have been solving fluids problems, playing NFS Carbon, and mulling optimization techniques in engineering design. (Such a waste of time...hehe yeah I know..) The latter is interesting stuff. Considering unconstrainted multivariate optimization problems, does anyone know which method would help one converge fastest to the optimum point? I know it depends upon a lot of things, but you engineers would know...

I'll be starting my design portfolio soon on my blog. Each day, I will write my train of thoughts regarding design methods, things that I find in engineering products around me, and I will also outline my plans to design my final project, which I have yet to confirm with my prof. If I can do it in SolidWorks, that'll be sweet.

Hi to Bosson from China!


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