Monday, November 06, 2006

0 Headphones

Here's a simple headphone (with a huge strap) made in Pro/E.

By making this model, I learnt about the following :

Variable sweeps, that a curve isn't always necessary to make one (you can even select the edge of a feature to do it) - the headstrap, wire etc were made using this tool.

Solid revolutions with a single profile like the headphones cup

Creating fill patterns like the little holes in the cup

Making polar patterns given an axis (the holes on the headstrap)

Mirroring the whole model - We always want to reduce the amount of our work. So we make one half of the headphones, and mirror it across a given plane to make the other half. That saves us a lot of time.

Modelling time : 4-5 hours (cos I'm a newbie!)


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