Monday, May 18, 2009

6 Pop Quiz I

Here's the first pop quiz for this week. There is no prize money, gift cards, free bikes, used socks or fancy crap like that. This is just a fun learning exercise. Individuals (and their blogs) with all correct answers will be credited with a mention on this website. (Hint : Some answers may be found on this blog). Comments will be closed on Friday the 22nd. Good luck now!

1. What do dictators Adolf Hitler and General Francisco Franco allegedly have in common with Lance Armstrong?

2. X was a company that sponsored one of the strongest cycling teams in the late 1990's. If you change one letter in its name, you get Y, which was a dominant political party in Israel. What is X and Y?

3. Which Italian rider was made to listen to Mozart at varying speeds and degrees of loudness to cure Vertigo?

4. The designer of which bicycle famously claimed that it took only one and a half cubic meters of sea water to make one frame?

5. This rider, also named Coco, was insulted with a word that is now firm in bicycle racing terminology. What was this 'insult'?

* * *


  1. We supposed to leave our answers in the comments?


    Here are mine:
    1 "juan pelota"- one testicle
    2 Mapei, Mapai
    3 Gianni Bugno
    4 Kirk Precision Ltd
    5 Domestique

  2. Michael : Yes, in the comments. Thanks for your answers. We'll see if they pass the lie detector. I already smell something fishy.

    Any more replies, anyone?

  3. well this is what i would have answered without looking for answers.
    4.that magnesium guy

  4. Wow. Hitler was missing a ball? No wonder he shot himself to avoid capture.

  5. john john4:10 PM

    good quiz, way over my head.

  6. I concur with Michael. But mind you, I had to do extensive research as well!