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23 Celebrities Who Ride Their Bicycles

First off, I must say that cycling is a fun and healthy sport. Its green and hip. Its easy to learn. You can take it to as high an intensity as you want. It can be easy, it can be painful but both have their benefits.

Wearing Lycra and tight fitting spandex is one of the precursors to enjoying a serious bike ride, but the very thought of that puts many off (such as G.W Bush).

I have to say that it has its benefits.

For example, did you know that the gorgeous Heidi Klum fell for musician Seal (not the most talented in the good looks category) when she first saw him walk out of a Hotel gym in bicycle shorts?? Ha!!

If you don't believe me, just forward this video to 5:45, where Oprah asks the couple how they first met. Hear what she says.

Wow! :) There you go!! So you men out there! Wear bicycle shorts, because thats what the ladies like!!

Anyway, coming back to the original objective of this post, lets take a thorough look at the some of the famous who's whos, the movers and shakers on T.V and elsewhere who take time off to be with something as mundane as a bicycle, enjoying the simplicity of rhythmic pedaling motion. If you have any more names and pictures to append to this list, do drop in a comment!!


1. REV. AL SHARPTON [Wikipedia]

Reverend Al Sharpton at a critical mass ride early this year. Nice Fuji. No helmet in NYC?!! I hope he didnt get smashed down by an NYPD cop like in this video.


Gothamist : The Reverend Al Sharpton Gets Critical, Rides Bike
Youtube Video : Al at Critical Mass in NYC

2. ANDY DICK [Wikipedia]

Want to dash away from the Paparazzi? Sure, hop on a bike !! While most people would ride flashy expensive cars to a Hollywood club, comedian Dick rode a bike to Parc. Then a bouncer kicked him out and all Andy had was a bike to get away from nosey cameramen.


Best Week Ever : Andy Dick Finds A Mode of Transportation More Environmentally Friendly Than a Prius
TMZ : No Dick-ing Around at Parc; Andy Denied

3. THE BEATLES [Wikipedia]

I think the Beatles used to flirt with bicycles in their early years. Does anyone has more info on this?

Update : A reader informed me that this is a publicity still from their movie "Help". You can watch a small clip on it on Youtube here.

4. BORIS JOHNSON [Wikipedia]

The Conservative Mayor of London is well known for his love of cycling. Infact, he bikes to work regularly and has been the victim of several bike thefts. The Mayor has had to get to Parliament at times so quickly that he was recently involved in a controversy where he blasted through six red lights and was hammered by the media and public for his negligence! He also attends cell phone calls while riding! Nice!


Dailymail : The Film That Shows Boris Johnson Cycling Through Six Red Lights Boris Johnson for The Guardian : Why We Cyclists Need to Strike a Deal With Pedestrians
Video : Boris Talks About Cycling in the Room 101 Show

5. GEORGE W. BUSH [Wikipedia]

Everyone's (un)favorite president is pretty lighthearted about faking WMD threats and going to war with other countries for fun. But when he's on his mountain bike, bloody hell... he means business! People who have ridden with him have come back and told the rest that the President could easily make a competitive Cat 5 rider. :)

From the comforting Republican surrounding of the White House lawn to the world class trails of communist Beijing, its World domination on a mountain bike!

His equipment? The President bombs down hills on a 4000 dollar TREK. You'll be assured that this is a one of a kind paintjob!


People's Daily Online : US President Rides Bicycle In The Western Suburb of Beijing
The Guardian : Eat My Dust
St. Petersburg Times : A Chat From the Bike
Cozy Beehive : The President's First Mechanic

6. CHLOE SEVIGNY [Wikipedia]

Chloe looking good there in a bicycle with a basket. Look at that big chain ring! Sweet! Oh hell, cell phone again?! She must be trying to ignore the papz.


TreeHugger : Hollywood Bike Patrol

7. THE CLINTONS [Wikipedia]

"Aai did not have any relations whatsoever with that bicycle."

I doubt it Mr. Clinton! I have visual proof....right here!


Streetsblog : Bill Clinton Agrees Cycling Is Good Citizenship

8. DARRYL HANNAH [Wikipedia]

She scared me in Kill Bill as the one eyed assassin. Looks pretty fun loving on a bike. What do you say?


Ecorazzi : Darryl Hannah Gets On Her Hybrid Electric Bicycle

9. DAVID BECKHAM [Wikipedia]

Ride it like Beckham. This is probably what he does to stay in shape for soccer season.

Yellow unmarked bike and toe clips

Looking at the shorts, did he get inducted into the Rock Racing monkey group too?


Popsugar : David Beckham Rides Bike With Romeo and Brooklyn Beckham Popsugar : Beckhams Celebrate 8 Years of Marriage
Popsugar : Serious Manjoyment; Beckham on a Bike

10. DAVID BYRNE [Wikipedia]

Byrne is an avid bicyclist for the past 30 years and has designed nine bike racks around Brooklyn and New York as a contemporary art work.


Wallpaper : Dacid Byrne Bike Racks, NYC Art
Streetfilms : David Byrne Celebrates NYC Bicycling in Style
Green Map NYC : Bike Tips From David Byrne
Youtube Video : David Byrne's Bike Racks

11. ALBERT EINSTEIN [Wikipedia]

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." - Einstein

Einstein spent so much time writing papers that he rides this bike like he never saw one before, smiling like a baby in the process. If only had he unraveled the more detailed mysteries of the bicycle other than the fact that to keep your balance you'd have to keep 'moving', how many more puzzling books, stupid bike forums and arrogant technical faggets could we have eliminated. Sigh...

12. ELIZA DUSHKU [Wikipedia] had some commentary about her riding. Check it out.

13. ELLE MACPHERSON [Wikipedia]

This Aussie supermodel probably puts any of Copenhagen's cycling chics to shame. Do it like Elle! Trrrring trrrinnng..

Elle was criticized for riding with her son on her handlebars


Healthy Hollywood : Elle MacPherson Rides a Bike
Contact Music : Elle MacPherson Rides Her Bike in Notting Hill, London UK

14. ELVIS PRESLEY [Wikipedia]

Elvis signs autographs for kids on his bicycle.

15. ERIC CLAPTON [Wikipedia]

You'll love this. Eric Clapton, besides being fond of his blues playing guitar, was also an avid cyclist as a youngster. Clapton also supported unique bicycle marathons through charity from concerts.

He probably still rides bikes when we're not bothering him.


Pinch Flat News : In Your Ear, Eric Clapton.
Russia IC : Unique Bicycle Marathon Moscow

16. EVEL KNEIVEL [Wikipedia]

World famous daredevil stuntman poses with his bicycle in front of his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I wonder if he was headed for a weekend warrior ride in full costume?! We'll probably never know.


Cheese Bikini's Flickr Photostream : At Home With Evil Knievel

17. FRANK ZAPPA [Wikipedia]

Did you know that Zappa, one of the legends of Rock and Jazz actually started out making money playing the bicycle as a musical instrument?? Bizarre as it sounds, Zappa was a thorough entertainer even back in those days.

Check this out...Zappa on the Steve Allen Show :

18. GEORGE CLOONEY [Wikipedia]

George Clooney bought a sweet house at Lake Como, the same place Lance lived around when he was training for the Tour. Carefree, with his baseball cap turned around, George hits the trails with his college friend Tate Donovan. He also gathered publicity at a point with a proposed bike ride with none other than Bono around the Irish countryside.


Popsugar : George Clooney Keeps Riding Right Along (Pictures) : Video Interview George Clooney

19. GISELE B√ľNDCHEN [Wikipedia]

My favorite supermodel rides her bike!!!! Venga venga, Gisele!!!

From the look of it, she seems like she's in a hurry to get somewhere. She is the highest paid model in the world, so she's probably busting ass just like any of us to get to work! 100 points for that!

Just a suggestion, Gisele. I bet Tom Brady wouldn't be too pleasant seeing the ugly saddle sores so invest some of that 33 million you pocket, in Spandex!!!! You'll even look hotter! 0 points for that.


Sports Crunch : Gisele B√ľndchen Knows How to Ride a Bike

20. GRAEME LE SAUX [Wikipedia]

Former Chelsea footballer loves to ride and race bikes. He started this side passion when he was 8 or 9 years old.


The Guardian : A Healthy Ticket To Ride

21. HILLARY DUFF [Wikipedia]

Hillary Duff showing her bike handling skills with a starbucks coffee in one hand and a Marc Jacobs handbag hanging off the right handlebar. Just don't fall with the coffee....!!

Hillary shown above having a blast between shooting sessions with Evan Ross, riding on his handlebars. Ahem....cough cough.

MORE : Popdirt : Hillary Duff And Evan Ross Take A Bike Ride
The Purse Blog : Hillary Duff Debuts In The Wizard of Oz

22. HUGO CHAVEZ [Wikipedia]

Rumor is that Chavez wanted to step up his game on the international nuclear scene so he threw some of his oil money sitting in his vault for a nice Atomic bike.

MORE : : Hugo Chavez Rides A Bicycle

23. JAKE GYLLENHAAL [Wikipedia]

There are so many pictures of Jake riding his bike that I'm not sure whether his intent is on making Lance's supposed new team for the Tour in '09.


Deadline Hollywood : Jake Gyllenhaal Wants To Play Lance In Sony Bio-Pic Socialite Life : Jake Gyllenhaal Finds A New Biking Buddy
Just Jared : Jake Gyllenhaal Riding Bicycle

24. JENNIFER LOPEZ [Wikipedia]

J. Lo completed her first Triathlon in 2 hours and 28 minutes at the Nautica Malibu Traithlon on Sept 14 this year. The secret is out. The gym won't help much. Start riding to lose weight!!


Celebrity Gossip : Jennifer Lopez - First Class Triathlete


Jennifer makes up the latest string of young actresses who've taken up riding. I wonder if that bicycle named 'Paul Frank' is made in China....


Just Jared : Jennifer Love Hewitt Loves Big Bikes
Celebrity Gossip : Jennifer Love Hewitt - Bicycling Bliss

26. JOHN B. HERRINGTON [Wikipedia]

After he retired from flying Space Shuttle missions for NASA, former astronaut John Herrington started riding his bike, and when I say biking, serious biking! He once embarked on a 4000 mile bicycle ride from Cape Flattery on Washington's Olympic Peninsula to Cape Canaveral in Florida. For what??

To promote student interest in science, technology, engineering and math!!!

I love it!!


John B. Herrington : Rocketrek Bicycle Trip
Universe Today : Former Astronaut to Bike Across US For Education

27. JON CRYER [Wikipedia]

Jon was also spotted at this year's Nautica Malibu Triathlon.


California Babble : Best Celebrity Day Ever!! Nautica Malibu Triathlon

28. JON SNOW [Wikipedia]

Channel 4News Presenter and Journalist has seldom hidden his enthusiasm for biking, and claims there's hardly a day when he doesn't ride.

When Phil Liggett moved out of the CTC President's chair, Jon Snow was the next best candidate who could fill in Liggett's craze for cycling. CTC, by the way, is the UK's National Cyclist's Organization.


Bike For All : Jon Snow To Succeed Phil Liggett As CTC President
Bike For All : Biking To Work
Pedals : Channel 4 Newsreader Jon Snow Checks Out Nottingham's Big Track

29. KATE HUDSON [Wikipedia]

What do you know?! Lance Armstrong's ex-fling interest also likes to ride apparently.


The Skinny In Chile : Kate Hudson Bike Rides
People : Kate And Owen Use Buddy System For Their Bike Ride
The Superficial : Kate Hudson's Belly - So There's This Thing Called A Condom


I'm sure Keifer needs a break after all the riveting action in 24.


Jon Cassar : Behind The Scene Photos

31. JOHN KERRY [Wikipedia]

Sen. John Kerry is a true bike warrior, and rides like a pro!

Unlike Bush who's shy to appear in public in Lycra, John doesn't give a damn about it. All he wants to do is get out there and bust his ass to ride strong. He was so involved with biking issues that he even held a press conference once in a bike shop in Worchester, MA.

He's apparently much classier than Bush and most of the rest of us, getting an all-campy $8000 custom Serotta for the fast rides. Check out this NYT article comparing Bush and Kerry's riding styles.


Smithers MN : Senator John Kerry, The Cyclist
Washington Post : John Kerry : Restlessly On The Road
NYT : Ideas & Trends; Culture Wars On Two Wheels

Slipstream Sports - Jonathan Vaughters : My Unconventional Ride
The Climb Blog - John Kerry Eyes The Pack With Envy Boston News : Kerry's Pan-Mass Challenge Takes On A Personal Touch

32. KIM RAVER [Wikipedia]

Kim Raver teaches her son biking while she enjoys a ride herself.


Celebrity Babies : Kim Raver Helps Son Luke Ride His Bicycle

33. KYLIE MINOGUE [Wikipedia]

Kylie is probably riding into a headwind on a KHS, and her skirt is seemingly going north.

34. LEBRON JAMES [Wikipedia]

You would think this star NBA player with a towering 6 foot 8 inch frame is the least likely candidate to take up cycling. But he's proven everyone wrong. Apparently, Lebron happens to be a multi-sport athlete and spends a lot of time biking in the off-season.

He didn't want to stop there, and so also went ahead and bought a stake in the Cannondale bicycle corporation. What that means is that Lebron is literally an owner of Cannondale!

He also hold a ride for kids called the Kid's Bike-a-Thon every year and the proceeds directly benefit charity.

James' bike is a custom made caffeine colored Cannondale 29'er with Lefty fork and Hollowgram Si Crank

35. LINDSAY LOHAN [Wikipedia]

Don't stare too much at her riding that lowrider. All I can do right now is wag my tail and say 'Bow Bow'! Ok, I won't be doing that.... :)


Jaunted : Lohan Lowrider Bikes From Malibu To Venice
Lindsay Lohan News And Gossip : Lindsay Looks Sexy Even When Riding A Bike

36. MADONNA [Wikipedia]

Madonna is probably more into bike riding for the fitness goals than most of her contemporaries.


Madonnalicious : Gallery
Fitsugar : Madonna Is One B*tching Biker Babe
Puma Talk : Madonna Rides Puma Bike In London


Mark-Paul is a racer as well! In 2005, he competed in the Far West Championships and won the Cat 4/5 Sprint event at the Encino Velodrome. He races several SoCal crits and track races.

Way to go man!


MySpace Forum : Cyclists or Triathletes


Is this how Matthew warms up for a Triathlon? :)

Racing at the Malibu Triathlon

39. MILEY CYRUS [Wikipedia]

Teen queen sweet-talking Miley a.k.a Disney's Hannah Montana loves to have fun on her bicycle.

Check out this video of her :


The Huffington Post : Miley Cyrus Rides

40. DANIEL MODER [Wikipedia]

Moder might just be out for a ride with his son, but looking at his ripped legs I think he's a cyclist!


Just Jared : Danny Moder - Father And Son Cycling

41. NICOLE KIDMAN [Wikipedia]

Kidman was into riding BMX bicycles in her youth. I can't seem to figure out if this is in real or from a movie.

42. BARRACK OBAMA [Wikipedia]

Potential President of the USA to be rides bicycles on weekends. Barrack actually seems to be made like a climber. Running in election to be the most powerful man in the world and being this thin translates into a very high power to weight ratio!!!

Beat that, Mcain!! You make me sick...!


Huffington Post : Obama Celebrates Win By Riding Bike

43. OLIVER MARTINEZ [Wikipedia]

Oliver can be seem sometimes riding on the streets of LA on his 10 speed bicycle.

And no helmet either.


Echelon Media : Eat Your Heart Out Lance...

44. OWEN WILSON [Wikipedia]

Owen likes to chill out on his bike too and was once spotted on a dating ride with Kate Hudson...who's also been linked to Lance. Wow, do you see the common thread between all these characters??

Its a friggin bike!!


Just Jared : Kate & Owen's Bike Ride Date

45. PAMELA ANDERSON [Wikipedia]

Mama mia!!

Here we see Pamela in a pink cruiser somewhere in Malibu. Don't get too close to her, or you'll be getting some hot coffee on your face!


Healthy Hollywood : Pam Anderson Riding Her Bike in Malibu

46. PARIS HILTON [Wikipedia]

I sympathize with Paris inspite of her ills, only because she looks so darn innocent with the bike. Hey, atleast she won't get arrested cycling. Ha!

47. PATRICK DEMPSEY [Wikipedia]

The Grey's Anatomy star is also an avid cyclist. He reads Bicycling Magazine, has met Tom Boonen, rides the Charity part of the Amgen Tour of California every year and rides a nice looking Specialized Roubaix to top that all up.


Bicycling Mag : A Ride With Patrick Dempsey

48. PETER MULVEY [Wikipedia]

Singer and songwriter Peter Mulvey rides his bike to concerts! He named the ride "Look Ma, No Gasoline" Tour. No really, I'm serious!


My FOX Milwaukee : Peter Mulvey's Tour By Bicycle
JS Online : Mulvey Pedals His Music

49. THE PITTS [Wikipedia]

The couple, whom the Guiness Book of World Records recently named the most powerful Hollywood actors, loves to patrol down the streets with their Branjelina kingdom trailing behind them. Brad is often seen hauling his kids on a bicycle, not one but three or four! What a cool Dad, huh?


Treehugger : Hollywood Bike Patrol - Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Family Just Jared : Brad Pitt - Bicycle Built for Four
The Other Paper : Brad Pitt Filming in Bastrop?

50. RACHEL MCADAMS [Wikipedia]

Canadian actress loves to live the green life, riding her bike in Toronto. She reportedly said in an interview that she does not own a car and that in Toronto, her only mode of transport is her bike. Way to go Rachel!


USA Today Weekend : Interview With Rachel McAdams
Biking Toronto : Rachel McAdams - Another Celebrity Who Loves Biking Toronto

51. ROBIN WILLIAMS [Wikipedia]

It is well known fact by now that this famous comedian loves to bike and is a total bike geek. He's a bike collector and a staunch supporter of Lance and the Livestrong ideals. According to some sources, he has about 50+ bikes in his collection!!! I very much envy him because he's got one of those neat Independant Fabrication Stainless Steel bikes (953 Reynolds').

Said Robin once
, "When I'm riding my bicycle I feel like a Buddhist who is happy just to enjoy his mundane existence."

I wonder if all his biking and bike collection landed him his second straight divorce from his partner?!


Pez Cycling News : Robin Williams Rides With Pez
AARP Magazine : Tour de Frantic
Marin Independant Journal : Robin Williams Spices Up Tour of California Velonews : Stars Shine at Handmade Bicycle Show
Bikeradar : Wide of Actor and Avid Cyclist Robin Williams Files For Divorce.

52. RUSSELL CROWE [Wikipedia]

Its almost hard to miss a movie featuring Russell. Heck, he's perfect! Being one of my favorite actors, it was surprising to see the Gladiator star abandon motorized means of transport to ride his bike to the supermarket.

Online Videos by

The Papparazzi better watch out because when it comes to anger management, Russell isn't the best at control.


Sarah likes to save up money and bike ride instead. Here, she looks pretty chic with the pink urban cruiser but how on earth is she going to ride with those high heels?! You know what, I think this is a photo op. But the girl actually rides!


Fitsugar : Sarah MG's Bike
Whedon : Sarah Michelle Gellar's Money Saving Tips

54. SCOUT NIBLET [Wikipedia]

Nice chic! And nice bike! Is that a Schwinn? Can't see. I'm getting old.


Treehugger : Hollywood Bike Patrol

55. SHERYL CROW [Wikipedia]

Its strange. Sheryl Crow is a fitness buff, but she happens to be a cancer survivor just like Lance. Whats more, she was Owen Wilson's first love interest until Lance had to come and snatch her. After they divorced, Lance went for Owen's other girl, Kate Hudson!!! What a playerr!!!! Correct me if I'm wrong.

Before all this craziness began, Sheryl was linked with Eric Clapton, who was also into bicycles as we mentioned before. Whats the common thread here?

Btw, I respect the fact that Sheryl rides her bike. She's pretty serious too I think. According to some sources, she attempted to ride up the Alpe D'Huez on her TREK Madone, and accomplished it in a time of 90 minutes. Not bad.

For anyone to go up the Alpe on a bicycle is hardly anywhere close to average recreation.


BLOG : Sheryl Crow 90 Minutes Up Alpe D'Huez

56. TOBEY MCGUIRE [Wikipedia]

When not acting, Tobey exchanges his Spidey costume for the nice looking Italian jerseys and riding shorts. Then he hops on his Colnago and off he goes like a rocket.


XOnline : Maguire Picking Up Where Jake Left Off?
Fitsugar : Even Spiderman Can Ache From Biking
Celebrity Baby Blog : Tobey Maguire Out With Family In Brentwood,CA
Crazy For Tobey : Biking Pictures

57. THOMAS EDISON [Wikipedia]

I'm not a huge fan of inventor Edison. But here's a video of him fooling around on a fixie!

58. TONY BLAIR [Wikipedia]

Here's a famous picture of ex-UK Prime Minister Tony Blair cycling through the streets of Amsterdam to an EU Summit. Blair was present at this year's Beijing Olympics to actively support British cyclists.


BBC : Tony Blair's Leadership Years In Pictures
CyclingWeekly : Tony Blair Pays Tribute To Britain's Cyclists

59. DAVID DUCHOVNY [Wikipedia]

After all the therapy for sex addiction, ex-X Files lead actor David Duchovny was spotted at the the Nautica Malibu Triathlon along with other celebrities.


Daily Celeb : 19th Annual Nautica Malibu Triathlon


Jean Christophe Novelli - World Famous French Chef, also a cyclist and triathlete [Look here]

Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President, rides a bike in his vacations! [Look here]

Geri Halliwell - Fitness obsessed Spice Girl riding her bike [Look Here]

Jeff Banks - World Famous Welsh fashion designer also an avid cyclist [Look Here]

Sophie Monk - Bikini Clad and riding her bike in Hollywood [Look Here]

Estella Warren - Another hot celebrity Triathlete [Look Here]

Diane Kuger - Chic bicycling babe through Manhattan [Look Here]

More Pictures Of Stars On Bikes From USMagazine.Com


  1. Wow Ron... I don't know how long your search took but I think you got 'em all. But one thing I noticed... for the celebrities or politicians who are wearing helmets... why can't they seem to put them on right or get the right fit?

  2. Anonymous8:36 AM

    yeah, holy crap... .super post..


  3. Anonymous10:24 AM

    why no love for Edison?

  4. That BMX pic of Nicole Kidman was from an Aussie movie called BMX Bandits.

  5. Anonymous11:23 PM

    You can hate on Bush all you want, but that bike completely rocks. You can have a bike decked out like that if you are:

    * The President
    * The Pope
    * Elvis
    * Paulo Bettini

    No one else.

  6. ...props to all those celebs of whatever status, who are out there turning the wheels...

    ...certain guys like lance's pal mcconaughey just seem like highly competitive 'good time charlies' who use the bike to stay in shape (nothing wrong w/ that), while guys like patrick dempsey & mark paul gosselaar maybe better 'get' the bike thing...

    ...& it's nice to see so many attractive 'celeb' women, pedaling, getting some fresh air, maybe doing a few errands in a healthy manner..

    ...side note...(sheryl me...we'll ride, do seem like you might "get" the bike thing way better than most...& remember, one "going nowhere" relationship w/ a certain 'famous' cyclist doesn't mean we're all bad, honest & hey, you got a nice bike outa the deal, right ???...just sayin')...

    ...but for my money, nobody on that list & i mean nobody, compares to ol' #50...robin 'freakin' williams...he 'gets it', he lives & breathes it...i believe he loves it more than 'normal' people could ever other words, he's one of us...

    ...i've only been on two 'serious' rides in the last two weeks & i've seen robin both times...& we've passed each other regularly around here for ages...

    ...& those 50 (or so) bikes ???...despite the numbers, i'll bet there is a thought, a feeling, a bit a' love & a story behind every one of 'em...

    ...robin williams is a cyclist who happens to be famous for his comedic wit & his altruistic offerings...everyone else on the list is a celebrity who rides a bike, by comparison...

  7. Goodness Ron, that is quite a list. I agree with bgw, props to all of the celebs listed for riding.

    I thought that David Bryne had an old Klein mantra at first glance, but it appears to be a Monatague folder or something similar.

  8. Edison, the ruthless manipulative businessman.

  9. Wow, what an impressive list.

    Kerry avoided the Lycra look when he was campaigning, and many mountain bikers besides bush prefer the baggy shorts over tight. Each of Kerry's bikes is at least double the rek Fuel's cost.

    That's not Edison in those old films -- he was a balding Old Fart at the turn of the previous century when those films were shot.

    The thing with Sheryl Crow got me thinking about Six Degrees of Lance Armstrong. Hmmm....

  10. Thanks guys. I was impressed myself collecting the list!

    I added basketball player Lebron "King" James to the list...check it out. He's an amazing athlete.

  11. Anonymous12:59 AM

    Wow, what a list! Of course I don't know who about 1/4 of them are. Normally that's because I spend too much time riding my bike. Unfortunately lately it's been because of remodel projects.

  12. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Great list. Thanks for the link to for Rachel McAdams.

    You may want to add Ellen Page to this list too. :)

  13. Patrick Munck11:47 AM

    Hello Ron,
    my name is Patrick Munck and I'm living in Germany.
    I was wondering about the rights concerning the images of celebrities on bikes.
    I'd like to use some of them for a noncomercial bicycle-promotion event.
    Could you let me know if thei're free to use ?

    Patrick Munck

  14. Yes, They are. Thanks.

  15. I was thinking of doing a blog about something along these lines, but I see that you've already done a fabulous job of it. Wow, you really put in a lot of work getting all this information. Nice.

    It's nice to go back in time to a great blog like this one.


  16. ..hi Ron, i also have similar post on my blog, although ain't as good as your post, but I think it's enough to inform people who love cycling, come and see my blog :)

  17. Dont forget Matthew Modine. He is a huge bike advocate. He has an NPO called Bicycle For A Day.

  18. I'm making a book of mountain bike poems and pictures of people on bikes for my husband for Father's Day. This is a great find!

  19. Thanks, Ron. I am making a booklet of mountain bike poems and pictures for my mountain biking (as I write this) fanatic/husband for Father's Day. This is a perfect collection!

  20. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Austin Nichols from One Tree Hill, and several movies, rides alot. He def deserves to be added, other than that amazing.

  21. Don't forget The Pipettes - Gwenno & Ani Saunders:

  22. This is really cool. This blog made me remember my all time favorite favorite band the Beatles. Keep it up. I'll keep visiting for more of your posts.


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