Friday, July 04, 2008

5 Tour Preparations


  1. What are your predictions for this year's tour? I think Cancellara will win Stage one as he had done last year. Millar won't be too far behind him though. Your take?

  2. when I said stage one, I meant the prologue TT.

  3. Zach, there is no prologue TT this year. Stage 1 is a moderately hilly stage with 4 cat 4 climbs and a hiltop finish, so sprinters could be out of contention.

    For analysis and predictions, your best bet is Podium Cafe If you were to ask me though, I'll say some French guy could take stage 1.

  4. Wow, I really didn't pay attention as much as I thought I would. I can't believe they're not having a Prologue TT... they always do! Any idea why they're not having it this year?

    Do you have a prediction for the whole tour?

  5. I'm going to pay attention only to 5 riders:

    Cadel Evans
    Alejandro Valverede
    Carlos Sastre (my best n fav pick!)
    Andy Shlek
    Haimar Zabeldia

    Pay special attention to Gesink, this talented youngster whose morphology is like the "chicken" although I'm not 100% sure whether he'll ride this year's tour.

    As to why this year's Tour is so different, the director wants to get all the riders out of their comfort zones and get them gasping for air. This should be classic.


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