Monday, June 09, 2008

6 Nikola Tesla Ride a Century

Distance : 100 miles
Temp : 85 F
Bike Gearing : Fixed Gear (No coasting)
Cadence : 90-100 RPM
Avg Speed : 18mph
Total Time : 6 Hrs

On Sunday, I led the third annual UB Cycling Club century as I did for the past two years. Only this time we decided to keep things a little more fun by taking our fixed gears out.

I dedicate this ride to Nikola Tesla, the humble, forgotten genius most importantly known for the first Hydroelectric power plant at Niagara Falls. Hail Tesla!

Thank you TREK for the amazing bike, and Gerolsteiner for your impeccable mineral water and thank you Coca-cola for the most refreshing tastes.

Walter and Steve chatting

Riding by Lake Ontario

Beyond the Lake is Canada, so yes, this is the northern western tip of New York

My fixie, the red T1 (amazing ride) and Walter's Giant

Walter and me at the fishing harbor in Wilson

The view on the uphill Lewiston Road, marvelliosa!

United States on my side, Canada beyond the Niagara River

Hydroelectric Plant on Canada's side

The Great Falls (the most powerful in the US and widest in the World)

That boat is belittled by the raging currents

On the Bridge to Grand Island

The calmer parts of the Niagara River

Thats all homies.

Oh, yes yes..! You have to chill. This kid inspires me...


  1. Ron, how's the T1 bike? That looks to be a newer T1 you got there, last year's maybe?

    I'm looking to get a fixie for track racing this summer, season already started this past weekend but I'll be jumping in hopefully by mid-July. Anyways, I've been looking at either the Trek T1 or the Fuji Track Pro, both about the same price.

    looks like a good century ride you led. Very beautiful sceneries.

  2. The Trek is a top notch ride, something gotta do with its geometry and trail. Very good steering and cornering, you can tell the damn thing is made for the track.

    I have no experience with Fuji but they do make some good bikes as well.

    Yes the ride was amazing, enjoyed it.

  3. Looks like another great ride! But how long did it take you guys stopping and getting all the pics.
    Nice TREK T1 by the way!
    I'm still knocking around the idea of getting a fixie. Don't know if I would want to build one... get a new one... or just pass.

  4. 100 miles on a fixie would be tough. Heck, 100 miles for me on anything would be tough.

    Cool pictures along the lake.

    My interests were different than that kids at his age. HA!

  5. Don : I stopped on 2 occasions for pics, the rest were taken while riding. I'd say some 5-10 mins. Fixies are great bikes for what they are, read BSNYC :)

    Chris : We kept our cadences high and our speed on cruise control. We had enough to notch up the pace during the last 20 miles (~21mph=110 rpm or so with the gearing).

  6. BTW... Holy sh__! Stardust?! Really? Way to bring it back after 5 years man!!


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