Friday, May 09, 2008

4 The Weldtite Factory

Check out how Weldtite's bicycle lubricants are manufactured. Weldtite is a popular tools,lubricant and repair accessories company in the UK.


  1. Can you imagine how monotonous that job would be? Poor bastards.

  2. I must echo Chris on the jobs at Weldtite. Sure, many manufacturing jobs are like that but when you watch it over and over you just kind of start to fad e ou t......
    I'm still getting used to the new header on the blog. I have to give it to you though for trying something new. I miss the coffee cup... did you give up coffee?

  3. Chris, Don : I guess this is why you need a good education, so you don't end up here.

    Based on public demand, I brought back the coffee cup. I think I like it too, although I don't drink coffee all that much. But there could be anything in that cup right?

  4. Chris and Don :

    You have to succumb to the inevitable when you're at the lower end of the capitalistic structure. Division and mechanization of labor are the key words here.

    What is interesting is that well, historically, automatic control and mechanization was brought into the factory floor to take away the drudgery of the work from the hands of the labor. The idea was that this would free up the person so he could 'think' more...well, what it has now created is just plain old
    routine jobs, which would seriously suck.

    The other historical fact behind automation of the factory which you probably won't hear a lot was to lend the management complete control over the production processes and the labor union.


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