Wednesday, May 14, 2008

3 Condolences

Have you realized that the world is grieving? These past few days and weeks have seen huge death tolls in Burma and recently, China. The Red Cross estimates that 128,000 may have perished in the cyclones and the AFP reports that over 40,000 may be missing or are buried underneath the quake rubble. Combine this with the rising food crisis, famine in many areas of the world, deaths in the middle east, and ofcourse, malnutrition and disease that's relentlessly killing people in parts of Africa and Asia and its a very very distressing world calamity. We're pretty fortunate to be in the safer parts of the world, to earn good money, to be able to hop on our bikes and run or go fishing and be with our families without knowing who will drop bombs on our roof or when the fault in the earth underneath our feet will give away.

The moral I think is : Don't always take things for granted. Thank someone at the end of the day. And help others if you can.


  1. Very sad developments for sure.

  2. Anonymous10:48 PM

    and the people said, "amen"

  3. While I agree that we should show compassion and help those in need either through giving money or volunteering time I also think that the world is grieving since history began. There have at any given time in history wars been faught, humans killed due to famine, diseases and plagues and epidemics.


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