Sunday, April 27, 2008

7 Wheel Tags : Self Expression for the Hoops

Not everyone agrees with the so-called 'stealth' look of plain deep rims. Atleast not a company called Wheel Tags and its customers.

The brainchild of three avid cyclists, Wheeltags was the ultimate solution to melding passions, experience, friendship and intuitive design. Kevin Koval, Matt Tanner and Jenn Vona created Wheeltags with an eye on today’s bicycling industry and the thrust of customization and personalization into commercial markets.

Inspiration came when a business acquaintance at Roark Custom Titanium Bicycles asked Matt to assist him with a custom disc wheel design. Although airbrushing was the standard method of obtaining unique colors and shapes (with impressive coverage), the Wheeltags team quickly realized there had to be a better way. Unmatched in durability and ease of application, vinyl lettering and full-press printing could offer bike rims the opportunity to finally stand out amid the grim, gray rolling masses.

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I want one that'll say "Follow me or get out of the way." Too long I think.

Image and info courtesy : WheelTags


  1. Reminds me of Bob Roll writing poetry on his wheels.

  2. i'm waiting for the BSNYC write up about them...

  3. We actually thought about doing a set just for Bob... "Bob Roll with Style" is what we'd call em.

    BSNYC? Yeah, we are curious what he will think too...

    So what'd you guys think of the tags?!? Always looking for more feedback.

    ~matt (funkmaster fresh)

  4. I don't read the BSNYC blog but do let me know whats going on!

    Thanks for appearing here, Matt. All the best! I think the tags are cool and will appeal, because again it has this element of personalizing something thats dear to you. The custom option is great but I was wondering if it would be a nice idea to get more generic designs out there, because I don't know how many people are good with making vector art on their computers. Just a thought...

  5. BSNYC will probably beat on us a little, but we'll take the exposure and let the rider/reader make the decision.

    We will be releasing "Series II" at Interbike this fall. We will likely introduce 15-20 more designs.

    Feel free to send us some design ideas for Series II. I can't promise we'll use them, but thus far nothing is set in stone.

    The custom option is really intended for teams and clubs with higher quantity orders. We take care of the artwork and design so the rider doesn't need to be an Illustrator junkie.


  6. Matt - Thanks for the input. There was an interesting comment on the cycleicious blog. Someone asked if he could get a "carbon weave" design. That'll be cool with metal alloy rims :)

  7. We actually have looked at a couple of carbon patterns. We thought it would be pretty stealth on a carbon rim and, like you said, interesting on an aluminum rim.

    To date - we don't have an official design in carbon. We could obviously do a custom order in carbon. Perhaps it will pop up on Series II.

    I plan on adding a poll to the wheeltags site for user feedback on the next designs we'll be rolling out.


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