Tuesday, April 29, 2008

4 A New Header

A new header for this blog has gone online tonight. How do you like it? Does it represent this blog better? Does it suck? Can you view it? Is it too distracting?

What do I think?! I think its pretty stimulating but I'll leave it there.

I credit the overall design to Divya Daniel from Long Island, NY so give her a holler ya'll! We did it fairly quickly today, taking us about 2 hours. Its all done in good ol' MS Paint since I'll frankly admit that Photoshop simply escapes me. Someday, I'll master that rascal. The images were my idea, including that weird bee but we hope it's friendly enough.


  1. Ron, how it goes man! I like the new look, but if I could give one tiny bit of advice I would just say that there are a couple of pixelation issues. The pictures rock, but they are very pixelated. Otherwise I really like it, by the way... the bee rawks!

  2. I like the new look. Good job on your race on Sunday. That is a solid finish.

  3. Thank you thank you. Couldn't help with the Pixellation issue, sorry. I decreased the image size to make a sort of collage if you will.

    Chris, I wished I raced more often.Ty anyway.

  4. Ron - Great blog. The new look is fun, but I think your other look is classic. Use this temporarily, and then revert back to the one we all recognize, kind of like Google's homepage occasionally using a different graphic occasionally.
    Thanks for all the great material.


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