Wednesday, March 19, 2008

0 Trickster XDream Reality Bike

We often like reality shows on TV. There is an element of connection between the story, the characters and us.

Well, I certainly haven't seen any connection while riding an indoor stationary bike, which is the reason I try to avoid them. The downside is that the geometry is different, the feel from actual riding is way off and there is poor circulation of air unless you have two noisy fans blowing in front of you.

The good side is that you'll be motivated to produce some fitness over the winter.

So now if you have 10,000 dollars and want to elevate your status as an indoor rat, here's the new toy - The most realistic cycling simulator on the market. Turn your living room into a virtual bike path, and get a total body workout. This is called Immersive Virtual Reality. If pilots and F1 drivers can have it, why not bikers huh?

According to the March edition of the Popular Science magazine lying here on my desk (page 25):

"..A virtual rider on the XDream's video screen mirrors your every movement, whether you put your foot down for a rest or stand on the pedals for a sprint. Unlike other simulator bikes, the XDream has sensors embedded throughout.

For example, pressure sensors in the seat detect when you stand up. the crankset sports a potentiometer (similar to the sensor in a joystick) that helps match the position of the virtual rider to yours.

XDream also responds to changes in the game's terrain. Slog through onscreen mud, and an opposing magnetic field inside increases the wheel's resistance. Luckily, there's no actual mud to dirty your $10,000 ride."

Here's another video, from Trixter North America, showing the thermal differences in the body between riding static and moving handlebars.

What do you think? The price may be way off your pockets, but is this a sacrifice you're willing to make in order to get that ultimate indoor cycling experience you've been missing for years into your gym?

I'm not so sure whether it'll appeal to the road cycling market. But there's nothing wrong in a change, hey you're riding in virtual mud! XC and mountain bikers better look out for this.

P.S : Attention PopSci editors : The website is and not, which is an empty link.


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