Tuesday, February 19, 2008

9 Tour of Cipollini (TOC)

There's the Amgen Tour of California '08.

And then, there's Mario Cipollini.

Who cares about the Yellow Jersey, when Lion King just awoke from a retirement slumber.

With some 1 Million Euros to pay back to the Italian government in taxes, a face like this in court will surely scare the prosecutors

Courtesy Graham Watson

The much publicized return of Mario to pro cycling has not failed to deliver. His larger than life celebrity presence just overwhelms the start line.

Whats even more amazing is his ability to stay at the front after all these years of absence from the pro scene. If there's anything more defining about him, it is his veteran status in the dirty, cunning world of speed. He knows this game all too well, perhaps more than anyone else.

Ok, granted the climbs haven't come yet but still... What do you guys think? Tornado Tom Boonen and Lion King put together, who'll win a one to one sprint finish?

The prospects of such a situation, with Boonen's proven track records, Cipollini's legendary tales and a level playing field now that drugs are out of the equation, just spells some pure sporting entertainment for the rest of us. Moreover, today's stage in California was just a humbling reminder to the world that the man they call 'Cipo' is in top form.

Cipo's name all over his bikes (Image courtesy BKW)

Just curious
...with Rudy Project as sponsor to Rock Racing, Cipo clearly prefers Specialized Optics. A detractor?

Oh well, we all know Cipo likes to do his own things, and if he wants to do something, I guess he will.

For instance, lets look at one of his many idiosyncrasies?

When was the last time you saw a rider throw a water bottle at the motorcycle referee, behind the Liggettisms of "Very Good Shot!"? Later, the same victim was involved in a crash.

Apparently, Cipo's bite is worse than his bark. And thats very important in bicycle racing.


  1. ...hey, third in today's sprint into sa-a-tomatoes, california, behind boonen & haussler...windy, rainy, chilly day & w/ few racing miles in his legs, cipo's still adding to his legend...

    ...i say awesome !!!...

  2. I believe the unwritten rule is that a motorcycle is never to pass on the right. Cadel Evans threw some water at a motorcycle in last year's Tour for doing the same thing.

  3. He could sell his teeth for a million

    Coolest looking guy in cycling - by a mile

  4. Very cool!! I didn't know that he was coming out of retirement.

  5. It's interesting: none of Cipo's stuff is from the sponsors of Rock Racing, as far as I can see. Including the Mystery Bike.

  6. He just emanates cool... It really is cool to see him back in the sprints.

  7. Yep, it's very cool to see him back. I have always been a fan, plus it is just great to see someone older than me racing in a pro race.

  8. Thanks for the comments. Glad to see you're all excited as much as me lol...

    Bikesgonewild - Yeah, I wrote this post on the same day!

    Chris - Really? What an interesting piece of trivia! This whole water bottle throwing fascinates me now.

    Will - His teeth looks quite odd and discoloured to me. Well, like they say though, old is gold :)

    Sprocket Boy - Yes, his bike looks very out of scope, like an unmarked CIA vehicle. Doesn't his flamboyance like colors/variety anymore..?

  9. Update - Mario has RETIRED once again and is no longer tied to the Rock Racing group.


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