Friday, September 28, 2007

2 Lew with some leud prices..

Hot at Interbike! The wheels having the highest stiffness to weight ratio in the whole bike industry. Lew Wheels. Will set you back 15,000 dollars for these babies, that weigh 840 grams per pair. Again, what do you want? An HDTV or a pair of wheels? E una decisione difficile, vero?


  1. It is probably a better option to lose a pound of body weight and spend 1000 bucks on some 1200 gram wheels. That is a silly price. I have seen Lew around before and can't imagine they sell many of those things.

  2. Chris,

    My question to Lew would be...what on earth of a "technology" are you using on your wheels that other companies aren't? And why exactly is the price so high?!

    At the inter bike showbiz scene, many companies bring out exotic stuff just for the cameras. I doubt this is commercially marketable.


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