Friday, July 06, 2007

6 Why I hate Chinese Food?

Folks have asked me why I hate Chinese food.

First of all, hey, Chinese are great people okay?! I have no problems with them. They're just a bit different, and that's fine. But me and chinese food are no match for each other. Drinking a bottle of soy sause is not my idea of bon-apetit. I'm okay with their fried rice, but then that's pretty general.Anyone can make fried vegetable rice!

The dintinctly chinese foods are, to me, awful! They're cheap, maybe healthy, maybe not. I can't stop to think why most Chinese are so frail.. What? They all ride bikes? Ofcourse I knew that, and thanks for the prompt....but does it also have to do something with what they eat? My roommates at the moment are a chinese couple, and I haven't seen them NOT eat meat a single day.... beef, pork,chicken,pish,prawns you name,  Chinese eat anything that moves, all topped off with soy sauce, and canola oil!

Wow, maybe I'm really ignorant.

But then what about China being on the top of the list of countries whose food products have been banned by the FDA?

What about all those pets that got sick after eating foods imported from China?

Here's a list of those food products!

They say everything you bring to your mouth these days are poison. Milk is hormone injected, red meat raises cholesterol and bp, spinach is infected with bacteria, bread is not bread anymore yada yada.

Like my best friend says, I'd rather die eating what I love and what tastes good to me than living on what everyone eats, or what money buys for the cheapest, or what culture dictates.

Chinese food is not one of them.


  1. Anonymous5:02 PM

    HOoooo, I'm Chinese.Just walk by, Your words brings me some appetite. BON APPETIT.

  2. Anonymous1:25 AM

    Hi, I'm Chinese, and obviously, I love chinese food, but I HATE dim sum. But living in America has kinda made me miss it ... I guess everyone has different opinions.

  3. Anonymous6:42 PM

    I'm Chinese and I HATE CHINESE FOOD!! its horrible but really only because my family is obsessed with it and expects everyone to be too. Eat at home? Chinese food. Go to someone's house? Chinese food. Go out? CHINESE FOOD! <_<

  4. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Agree. I'm a Chinese but I don't like Chinese food because I think Chinese food is too salty. Almost everything is salty!

  5. Anonymous5:33 AM

    yes I totally agree!! it's salty and too salty and I'm Chinese too hahaha

  6. Anonymous6:49 PM

    I don't know about food in China itself, but the stuff passed off as Chinese food in America is dreadful. Worse, it's either unappetizing veggies and white rice, which is nutritionally good as sugar without the sweet taste. Since a good 80 percent of the calories are carbs in the "Chinese food" being diabetic is a great excuse to refrain from consuming the stuff.


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