Tuesday, July 24, 2007

0 Team Astana out of the Tour

As of this afternoon, I'm very disappointed to learn about Team Astana's withdrawal from the race.


Cruelly betraying as it sounds, the heroic time trial victory of Alexander Vinokourov in front of a million cycling fans and his stage victory yesterday has been overshadowed by testing positive for a banned blood transfusion.

I want to yell out, I'm quite disappointed and angry. Considering a man of his reputation, age and experience, I never expected him to come out with something like this.

Another big big blow to cycling and the Tour de France. Its disgusting.

Because of one man's fault, the whole team has to leave the Tour. What a waste of effort, time and money.  Think about how the team members might feel, after sacrificing all personal ambitions to pull the leaders into the massive Alps and Pyrenees.

I can't help thinking about Astana's sponsors, the Khazakastan Railways, who, after discovering the potential of the team and Vino amazing stage performances agreed to sponsor the team for the next 10 years!

Very disappointing news indeed.


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