Sunday, July 01, 2007

0 New Doping charges!

Shocking is the word when I turned to International Herald Tribune to read of fresh doping allegations coming against Di Luca (whom I know will not race the tour), Alessandro Petacchi (one of my favorite sprinters, tell me he didn't do it!! ) Jörg Jaksche and a select few others.

I'm not ready to conclude anything here, but its almost obvious that they might not race the Tour de France next week. If thats the verdict, we all are going to miss some spectacular sprinting action on the first couple of flat stages.

I'm disappointed. Hell with doping!

Its funny how a few months back, on a winter training camp, my friend called to me saying "you look like Fausto Coppi on the climbs". I gleamed at the idea back then, but now I'm more like "Dude, stop comparing me with the guy. He doped, and he doped a hell lot. Worse, he admitted to it to the French back in the days with no remore. "

Times have changes, rules of competition have changed. I cannot entertain the idea that some one will win the Tour on hormones and banned substances... I love the Tour too much. Its a pity!

Cycling needs a new hero to open a new, clean chapter in the book of winners. At the moment, I put my bet on one of my favorite riders, Alexandre Vinokourov. But only time will tell whether his admittance of working with notorious Dr. Ferrari will throw him out of competition.


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