Thursday, November 23, 2006

2 Breville Uses NX Based Technology in Juice Fountain

Today, I read a case study about how a top Australian kitchen appliance company named Breville implemented the NX based digital product development process to speed up their product development cycles.

A consistent design innovator and quality setter, Breville had to find new ways to speed up their design process and getting it out to the market. Some of their main issues were :

1. Clay modelled prototypes took weeks to make. Prototype costs were heavy.
2. Design intent was open to incorrect interpretations among the various departments in the company.
3. Long product development cycle.

After the company implemented NX as their design solution, they chose the Juice Fountain product line to streamline with the NX design environment. Not only are the new juicers capable of doing more than conventional models (example, making juices from whole fruit instead of just slices, more raw power for the motor etc) but they also look tremendously attractive to any mom in the kitchen. The new models have generational changes in them compared to the older models, and these have been inspired primarily due to the company listening to the voice of the customer and the data gathered from in house research. We learnt in MAE451 how important listening to customer demands is. From the Kano model, last years demands (the 'exciting' needs that give the WOW factor to consumers) are today's basic needs.

Breville successfully implemented these changes by implementing NX from start to finish. This is perhaps a classic example of a company that retains its traditional methods of design, adopts new technology to lower costs and increase production cycles, and at the same time, adapts to the increasing competition in the market by bringing out new inspired changes in their products.


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    I am working for UGS NX now. Maybe we can have some discussion of NX in future.

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