Monday, October 09, 2006

2 UB in Winter

Winter slowly slithers towards us. The chill hits you like a mountain, and the ugly things start falling from the sky. Pictures like these will send students away from here. But hey that's life. I've been through it for 3 years now.

This picture was from my dorm window during late November.


  1. Anonymous2:34 AM

    So beautiful. After I moved to Shanghai, the biggest city in China, there was no normal snowing.( Those snowing just kept for several hours and there was no any snow longer in the ground for several hours.) I missed the big snow.

    Roz, how about the India?


  2. Yes, I've heard from my Chinese friends that some parts of China get snow. But like you said, the "big snow" is here in north eastern united states/western newyork and canada region. The winters are long and last for 5-6 months, the brunt of the cold and snow coming about december-february time.

    In India, it doesn't snow unless you're talking about the northern most parts, the hill stations, the himalayan regions etc. I've never been to those places but snow covered peaks of Kashmir I've seen in pictures and they're beautiful. I wonder how cold it can get up there.



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