Sunday, October 01, 2006

6 How Will a Mechanical Engineer Write a Love Letter?

I got this in a forwarded mail. Its pretty hilarious.

How will a Mechanical Engg write a love letter?

My Dear Love

From the day you entered in the control volume of my mind my heart has become a closed system and its entropy is increasing according to the 3rd
law of loveodynamics.......

The events and activities are so complex that i cannot find the optimum path after n number of iterations......

My heart is unable to sustain the cyclic load of your frequent smiles and is near to endurance limit failure.....

I am quenched in your thoughts and no heat treatment can save my heart from decrystalisation now........

Please do not test the bearing capacity of my heart valves and lower your yield strength.........

Please do not increase the compression ratio of my heart so much because it is not designed to bear so much thermal stress.....

Please lower the octane number of your temper as my little heart is not accustomed to so much undesired Knocking.......

I'm sure that you would also be experiencing some residual stress, and will someday show a proportionate straining of your heart according to hooks law..........

..........and as a Mechi I firmly belive in this i will

........ till my little heart crosess its ultimate tensile stress and

Your Hardened lover,

Mechanical Engineer...


  1. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Very funny. A ME engineer always thinks the words in ME terminology.

    But if one wants to be a real ME engineer, he/she has to be so sometimes.


  2. Anonymous5:47 PM

    hey mr. bee.. that was a good one!! made me 'ha-ha'!

  3. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Great post. Love to see more posts like this.

  4. Thanks. Yes we have our own language dont we.

    In a real hypothetical situation, an ME would forget how to converse in normal terms and express mundane feelings in technical terms. Its hilarious. Dum too.

  5. Dude u made a mistake... While you are talking about control volume, how could it be a closed system??

  6. Dude you made a mistake... When you are talking about control volume then how could it be a closed system??


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