Wednesday, September 27, 2006

0 Stress Tests on Campus : Brainwashing has come to UB!

This week, I saw a free stress test being done at a table in Commons. I didn't think much further to realise they were the scientology group on campus giving these free tests for unwary students. A friend of mine named Eli who's from the Dominican Republic took one of these tests last semester. Ofcourse, he didn't know what it was all about, neither did he sign up for the follow-up courses they offered him due to time contraints. But he gave me a ridiculous picture of the so called 'stress machine' that these people use. Seems like the needle is so sensitive that it can be moved even by a momentary flow of wind. Whats the truth in a measurement like this? Besides, if you don't know the hideous character of scientology, maybe you should stop gaping at all your favorite film starts who joined scientology (because they have the money to) and give yourself some education, since I like all my readers not to end up commiting suicide or have major mental problems.

I wish I had my camera the other day to get a few pictures, but I wondered if they would chase me down with their dark 'agents' or something like that.

Basically, they had an huge equipment that could pass as a 70's AM/FM Taperecorder with a needle, and they have a pile of books close to it authored by Ron Hubbard (Dianetics). In actuality, this instrument they use is a galvanometer and I really have no idea how they measure your 'stress' since I never took the test.

There was a lady handling all this, and her face looked pale, and battered-like, as if she was the victim of domestic violence. Basically the scene looks like this, which I obtained from Rachelleb's blog. You can scroll down and read a comment of a reader on his/her experience of the 'stress test'.

Here's some information about what Scientology is.
You will read about the origins of the cult, and what harm it has done to several of 'recruited' people over the years.

Here's another article appropriately titled The Brainwashing of America :Vol 1
, where a person describes the whole process of the stress test.


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