Saturday, September 23, 2006

0 The Linda Yalem Run and other things..

The 17th Annual Linda Yalem Safety Run is on Sunday, Sept 24.

The famous 5k run along Elicott Bike Path is a legacy in UB. It is a tradition done in honor of Linda Yalem, a UB student, who was raped and murdered on Sept 29,1990 while running on the path. The event this year, as in all previous years, seeks to spread awareness about campus safety and one's personal choices when alone.

The run starts tomorrow at 9:30a.m. Registration is at 7:30am.

Uusally, the UB Cycling Club serves as volunteers on the day of the run to patrol the path and the runners and be of any help. We're doing that again tomorrow, but since my bike will only be in full shape by Monday, I probably will not bike.

I might even do the run with over a thousand other people. I don't know if I'm in shape, but I'll go slow and easy and just show my support.

Besides those things, there is an open forum over the topic of torture every Wednesday at 5:30pm at 112 Center for the Arts building. This runs till November. Its a controversial subject to discuss, but I can sure learn something from it. I'll go for the next meeting this week!

I've got to study and get some homework done!! Byeee!


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