Saturday, September 02, 2006

0 Hi! From CAD Class!

Okay, I'm seated in a one of our sweet computer labs in Furnas Hall on the 10th floor. Its well lighted and the computers are brand new. Unlike previous years, we've now got a new version of Pro/E! Its the Wildfire 2.0.

Our professor, J.DiCorso, who now stands before us, is stringent with the rules and regulations of the course. No late work, no haphazard submittion of assignments. I previously thought I could get away with an older textbook of an older version of Pro/E, but it seems there are so many new things in wildfire that the older textbooks and tutorials could have no relation with the new. Atleast that's what the professor says.

He says that we're going to do so much work in Pro/E this semester that he guarantees we'll learn more here than possibly anywhere else. Besides, to help us learn, he's giving us all the resources, one of which includes a 24/7 access to this state of the art lab.

For Project#1 is in AutoCad : My data with which I should design this drivtrain is the following :

Pedal Speed - 84rpm
Front Sprocket Diameter(inches) - 7.2
Rear Wheel Diameter(inches) - 24.4

I'll be working on this and will post any pictures as I work on it a bit later. Later!

How we're going to go about this course is that we're going to be spending some time working with AutoCad (about a month) to get comfortable with 2-d and brush up what we learnt from the breezy Cad Intro class we had in freshman year. The first project is called Gear Ratio project. I'm excited about doing this simply because it features the drivetrain of a 5 speed bicycle. Seriously, I'm absolutely guilty about my noob-iness in AutoCad or any engineering Cad program for that matter. I'm determined to get to the bottom of this, and not only have a solid understanding of Pro/E and AutoCad, but extrapolate the principles of solid modelling to applications such as SolidWorks or Unigraphics or any other for that matter. This will undoubtedly extend my possibilites for a engineering job.

I've got to be in HOT contention for it!


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