Wednesday, August 30, 2006

0 Ride to LaSalle Park

Today's ride featured LaSalle Park, and the Buffalo waterfront. Earlier, the day was cloudy and pale, but just after my classes ended, the enigmatic sun showed up. A little chilly, but I like the days with some light. So I took off with my bike to the waterfront. This was my first ride to the Lake Erie from UB.

There is a war museum, featuring navy warships and plenty of historic sites including the Marine view tower, Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. The view of the sunset on Lake Erie was a respite after classes. The water was clear and sail boats littered its surface.

Along the way, I noted the quick change from white neighbourhoods to complete black neighbourhoods. The disparity was amazing. Not a single white on the streets of Jefferson Ave or E.North Street. The roads also quickly changed from smooth to coarse. It was almost like a movie riding on the streets. Dodging the innumerable bumps and potholes, the blacks stared at me from saloons and houses probably with the 'who the hell is he...' look. Loud rap music blared from car speakers and arguments flared from every random nook and corner.

It sure was a good thing my tire pressure wasn't too high.

I've uploaded some pics onto Flickr. Since my upload limit has been reached for this month, I can't do it anymore. There are a good amount of pictures for my ride today though, and you should be able to see the lake view and much of the monuments if not all.

I'm tired now. We have our first Digital Art lab tomorrow morning. Man, that is going to be one hell of a class. I better get recharged! Got sleep?


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