Friday, April 19, 2013

8 Anti Terror Protection at the Tour de France

This image of the alleged Chechnan terrorist planting a bag full of explosives next to a kid in Boston is seriously disturbing. 

Evidently, anti-doping won't be the only concern for cycling in the years going forward. The bombs that went off in Boston raise a disturbing question about other open spectator events of international platform such as the Tour de France. 

The TdF may need to seriously rethink their security strategy going forward. What is to stop one from thinking a bomb could detonate next on a mountainous stage in the Giro or the Tour where we know for a fact that there are very few restrictions if any for someone to run and jump in front of cyclists with the intent to cause harm. 

What do you think?


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  2. Sadly, this very thought crossed my mind. We might wish for the days where the only thing we had to be worried about was some idiot who let his dog run loose.

    1. Having seen smaller (?) crowds at the Giro del Trentino , this week , i had wondered id the Boston Situation OR the coverage by RAI TV & Eurosport , were responsible .

      My blog raises a few issues that i have addressed in previous years !

      Sad to think that Lives are lost , due to people seeking to promote their agendas ?

  3. Europe has a history of domestic terrorism, I'm guessing this is a new phenomena to most Americans. London was under constant attacks from Irish Republican groups (funded in part from the USA interestingly), mainland Europe suffered under various Red Brigades and Spain fought for years against the exploits of ETA. Vigilance is always good but I wouldn't let yourself be overly worried by it.

  4. Matthew1:53 AM

    I agree. Sad as it is, it has been part of life forever and probably occurs less frequently than ever before in history, but the media make sure you know about each and every one now...

    I don't think that European sports would be targeted as easily. Have you seen the masked French police with machine guns? They have dealt with this all before...

  5. It's a shame we have to even consider the fact of things like this happening. It's also a shame people are being put off by it.

  6. we must prevent terror from happening again, it is not appropriate for the sport to be a place of terror launch the action.

  7. Do not ever mix sports with terror, full of sports and sportsmanship will not make any terror perpetrators satisfied


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