Friday, January 18, 2013

3 Armstrong Exposes His Fraud

I got a rare sense of actual delight that hundreds of hours of research , raising arguments and giving the elbow on this issue came to fruition. I believe that good open minded research leads you a point where you can't ignore the rest of the facts, which leads you to further reading and "finding out", which leads to more awareness. 

The Bernie Madoff of cycling as atleast confessed, and this is a long way in the coming really. Thanks to all you people for opening your minds to literacy on this tragic issue. 

The following clips constitute the majority of the first part of Oprah's interview with Lance. 


  1. Anonymous1:49 PM

    I wonder how much money he got paid from this interview. Oprah is a very smart business-woman, and she's put OWN at the very top with this "worldwide exclusive" interview. I am guessing that 5 to 10 million dollars is small change for the kind of exposure she just got.

    I am really waiting for part "Deux" of the saga. I hope that she nails him with some serious questions and comments today.

    Surprised that Greg LeMond got a tiny little mention. After all, the guy (the ONLY American who's won the TdF), was at the forefront of this whole deal since day one. He also was hurt by Lance and company.

  2. Movie , any bets !!

  3. I really enjoy you insights from this blog. maybe I am born a skeptics, but everyone been saying how the sport had been cleaned up from the Biological Passport thing, but is it?

    My question is, how would you cheat the current system? how often do they do the testing now? and can you slowly manipulate your blood values to establishment a new and higher norm? Something that Michele Ferrari is probably working on now....


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