Monday, October 18, 2010

5 Robic's Crash Scene

The scene of Jure Robic's fatal crash that left him dead is below. I was a bit late to the news but boy was I shocked to hear this. One day a great champion, next day, your number is up. I wonder if Robic had the chance to spend time with all the people he cared for before he passed on. 

Life's so short and precious that often I wonder about all the things you miss when you spend all your damn time and life around a dum bicycle, you know. I mean, so many other things matter more in life, doesn't it? 

Please take care out there while you exercise. While we mull at the loss, here's an interview that NYTimes did with Robic back in 2006.


  1. Sh!t, really? I hadn't heard, yet, either. Just watched the movie about RAAM not long ago ... I'm in shock now!

  2. So very sad and shocking. I guess because I am a lot older I can see that the time and the risk is worth it, but I wish we were all safer. Hug your loved ones, and then ride.

  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Very sad. I just knew yesterday after reading this post. Yes, dont spend all your life on the bike. I guess it all depends on where you set your priorities. In Robic's credit, he was talented and I guess all the time on the bike might have paid off - he made a living and a name for his family as well. Now there are others who are not so talented, who waste a lot of time trying to see if they can get that magic edge too. These people end up giving up more for bicycling, I think.

  4. I just wanted to wish you and all your friends a Happy New Year

  5. Robic's death was a tragedy, of course, but don't give cycling short-shrift as far as important things in life go...

    My particular circumstances are unique, but I can say without hesitation that cycling and the relationships that go along with it and the many adventures it facilitated, when taken away, left a devastating void that isn't suited to repair by family reunions and all-you-can-eat-wings-night at the local brew pub. Sure - cycling doesn't necessarily trump family, nor should it (unless you're Sean Kelly and your wife's bum is steaming-up your Jaguar's hood just as you're readying to depart for the start line...), but perhaps Robic died doing the non-family "thing" he loved most.


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