Monday, August 30, 2010

6 Electric Bike Issue One

I discovered through that the first issue of the "Electric Bike" magazine is out and ready for viewing online. The publication goes a bit indepth into e-bikes for starters, what they comprise of, the models available in the market and supplier locations. Enjoy the read.


  1. ooh, that is exciting, i am considering trying out an electric bike. thanks for the link.

  2. Ron, An excellent find with 'Electric Bike' magazine. I read it thoroughly, and as an ebiker take great heart in some sensible focus on the topic. I've had email with the Australian Bicycle Council, who believe that e-bikes provide a more inclusive approach to encourage cycling amongst those that may not otherwise cycle and to encourage and enable others to cycle further. I'm now 58y, and have commuted 34.4 km in 1'15" from Werribee to Melb CBD 1-2x/wk the last 2 years. It got me fit enough that I now do 50km recreational rides on a 'regular' road bike with mates. My road bike carries me at similar speeds to the ebike: 29-34kmh (only my second ride with new roadie). Loved the mag - how to keep it coming?

  3. thanks for the info. Electric bike is very useful in big city

  4. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Dude I love this blog so much. I wish you'd update it everyday though. I can see myself reading more often. Sorry if this is pressuring you , don't really mean to.

  5. Hi, im planning to buy my first electric bike. but there are some issues that i would like to be resolve before i buy. do you think a electric bike can carry atleast 2 person with a total load of 100KG and can drove like 100KM? if you have some reference please do comment back. thanks.

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  6. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Trying to find spokes for my cozy electric bike hitting all walls


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