Thursday, May 20, 2010

24 Floyd Landis' Letter Of Confession

Remember the Floyd Landis Fairness Fund? Well, we now know that was an outright lie. An interesting letter surfaced this morning. A pdf copy of the same gets uploaded to this Scribd account and is attached to this post below. Hit "Fullscreen" and read away. Also, keep following the uploader. There's tons of material to read there, specifically about doping.

Other sources in this developing story are the Wall Street Journal, and the Guardian. Bonnie Ford of ESPN also wrote here of her interview with Floyd. Related to this are exclusive audio clips from the ESPN telephone interview where Floyd speaks about how he's "clearing his conscience" and why he's doing it now.

The Science of Sports blog, which I greatly enjoy, had this to say on the matter. 400+ comments from readers go along with the Yahoo Sports' story about the confession. Cycling News' Clinic is also roaring with discussion about the same. Keep it alive, "BroDeal" and "RaceRadio"!

WADA has released an immediate but weak statement in response to these allegations. Most interestingly, Paul Kimmage had this to say about the affair to the Irish radio. Greg Lemond released a statement supporting Landis.

Pat McQuaid
on the other hand, who appeared on the Irish radio show a bit later, questions Landis' credibility and fires back "what is his agenda??" Armstrong, as usual, insists he has nothing to hide and declares he doesn't want to waste his time. The same day, he crashes and abandons the TOC. Hmm...


  1. SkiJohn12:49 PM

    Pretty mind boggling. Note he mentions he's written a diary recording all these events in the past. You wonder whether he's getting ready for his next book.

  2. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Now that Landis has let off his burden, Pat Mcquaid can do to hell...I mean the authorities should REALLLY think about investigating Hein Verbruggen more seriously. Did he really accept bribery to keep his mouth shut about Armstrong juicing at the Tour of Switzerland? And how much? There's a whole pandora's nest of secrets being unveiled here, many shady characters to unwrap and a lot of people who are entitled to their money. Get SERIOUS about this WADA!

  3. Good on Floyd, finally he's put the demons to bed. I say we hold the excitement and wait to see what more has to come out of this. I sincerely hope some of the big names get nabbed/scrutinized.

  4. Tyler2:19 PM

    This must be such an awkward moment for LA's fans and specifically the families whom he's dedicating his TOC races to.

  5. Jenny2:45 PM

    Floyd's story is such a catch 22 situation. He lied and denied almost religiously in the past about doping. His recent admission to doping is only overshadowed by his dishonesty. The problem with most people would be to decide whether to believe or dismiss him. This will be news fodder for sometime to come but I highly doubt it would shake up the success waves that Armstrong is currently riding on. Unless all the smoking bomb in this letter can be proven beyond doubt...

  6. Tim Maher3:09 PM

    I believe that the relationship between Armstrong and Landis went sour grapes behind closed doors over the last couple of years. He has been threatening to expose Armstrong for a while now, read Velonews archives. Clearly something ticked off Floyd that he couldn't resist speaking out... we wonder what that was. Money? Betrayal? Somehow I want to see this develop so we can learn what led to what, but expect little from Armstrong for the next few days since he's going to be in treatment for a nasty crash. That's called perfect timing...

  7. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Floyd is a trickster and always a liarin my book. Armstrong has a pretty shady past as well but atleast he's doing something good now with the fame. Not saying that would eliminate him from questioning.

  8. Stunning and if true, very shameless acts by all cyclists involved!

  9. dooziedaisy3:42 PM

    Me hearing the Irish radio right now. McQuaid is in a bit of a fit dismissing Landis' claims. Ha..

  10. Anonymous9:50 PM

    @ doozie - You know why Pat Macquaid has denied everything over the radio with so much energy that it was utterly ridiculous. In essence, he didn't even let the radio host finish his sentences. I sense so much corruption in the UCI right now, its a complete tragedy for cycling.

  11. The day this letter is made public Lance crashes and drops out of the Tour of California - coincidence or convenience?

  12. Ted,

    Yes, the crash and his sudden exit was so strange. Sure, the bruise on his eyes looked a bit nasty but is it so bad he can't ride? (his legs looked fine). This may be a way to save his face because those string of Landis emails are bound to hit the news over the next few days. Interestingly, before the press today, he said "this is the last time you get to ask these questions so you better ask them now"

    Recall Tiger Woods went into hiding after the sex scandal erupted.

  13. Moral of the story : An eye for an eye and soon the world will be blind!

  14. Anonymous12:05 AM

    A handful of stitches and some bruises on the leg forced LA to withdraw from the toc. Is this the same "champion" who, as Sports Illustrated described as having "unwavering courage". I think the magic wore away long back. Floyd's admission could blast the rest away.

  15. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Never was a fan of Lance. Was a fan of George Hincapie though. If you have Masters doping just to win medals-then it is not a stretch to believe that nearly ALL (if not all) pro cyclists do as well. Our sport once again, will go to temporary hell in a media-fueled hand basket.Predictably,it will rise like the Phoenix before you know it. All of the shock and awe will wear off and fade off into our great Land of Apathy.

  16. tom_gwyn6:17 PM

    I hope the accusations are not true. Would be a shame if they are. But let's look at the other side. Lance is easily the most tested athlete in sports. You're telling me he was doing everything Landis says he was, and he never got caught once, through eight tours and innumerable smaller events? Are all the labs in so many different countries that incompetent? This isn't like baseball, where the players weren't tested and the drugs weren't even technically illegal until relatively recently. And if Landis's credibility is in the details then why is he getting them wrong? He says Lance used EPO during the 2002 Swiss tour. Lance didn't even compete in that race. I'd have to say the burden of proof is on Landis at this point.

  17. Justin7:07 PM

    Why are people so stupid on these boards. Lance again and again has never failed a drug test ever. He's won the TDF a record 7 years in a row. Can anyone ever appreciate anything without questioning it??? Jesus christ nobody can ever do anything good in todays times without being questioned or looked at poorly as if they cheated in order to have success lol. Barry Bonds physically turned into a giant and looked like hulk hogan when before he use to be a skinny little base stealer in baseball not even a home run hitter. Alex Rodriguez admited to using steroids. Landis admited to using steroids. So none of you people can compare those men i just named to Lance Armstrong. I normally don't care or post anything on here but i am tired of hearing retards on here say oh Lance will be remembered like Barry Bonds and those other cheaters are remembered. No he never will be remembered like those other guys cus Lance never was proven to be a cheater and never has admited to doping ever. And another reason im posting this is cus im sick of losers on here that never let any successful athlete get his credit and say oh Lance is a loser and cheater NO LANCE has won 7 straight TDF titles cus hard work. Unless 1 of you guys on here can show me a drug test that Lance failed then i will shut up and say oh yes im wrong lol.

  18. hiccupsy10:25 PM

    I wonder what Armstrong's former teammates actually know....Vaughters, Andreau, the guy who was stripped at the Vuelta...pretty much everyone who ever rode with Armstrong....let's ask Lemond again to? Something has happened to cycling...ask Kimmage also. Ohhh and don't forget the guy who rode the white Pinarello to 5 victories...ummmmm, Indurain. are a messenger with courage even if you are flawed. We all lack credibility...Armstrong is not the saint that he proports to be....We need to ask ourselves about the it possible to ride 100+ days, at a fast pace without some type help???

  19. The quickist way for Lance Armstrong to put the dopping alegations to rest is to take a polygraph test.

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  21. Anonymous11:38 PM

    f*ck landis and his rightious self attitude.

    lying fraudulant snake oil saleman with agenda

    he just needs to dissapear or get his a$$ kicked for letting down all the people who loved and supported him

    this ain't about lance people...

    you are his confessional and absolution..

  22. Matt E10:59 AM

    Don't believe that clear tests means innocence.
    Ulrich, Pantani, Virenque, Landis, Marion Jones even all passed numerous tests without positives.

    When Landis has nothing left to lose, I am more likely to believe his version of the truth.

    I'm afraid that every big champion of recent cycling history has doped to some degree. It's not unique to this sport even, most top athletes are doping.

    But don't just limit to sport, humanity as a whole suffers from this.

    Who amongst us is perfect and innocent of all crimes?

  23. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Who really cares. In the end it does not matter. remember Anguetil who once said you cant win on water alone. Did that diminish his astounding Dauphine/Bordeaux Paris win....Not a jot. Aguetil was the only man to ever do that double, even the cannibal himself never rode Bordeaux/Paris.

    Chapeau to one and all.
    Mike Klein

  24. This issue is not new to cycling world an dnot just in sports, every human being is suffering this. I just hope that the accusations are not true about Lance, because if it were, his name will really drop to the ground. This is a shame to every cyclist that were involved. Really!


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