Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4 Carbon Fiber Clear Coating And Repair Guide

FYI : A gentleman has written a nice guide to clear coat carbon fiber for your bike project. He titled it like so : "Comprehensive Guide To Clear Coat Techniques For Carbon Fiber". Apparently, all you would require is some 60-70 dollars worth of materials, free time during your weekends and lots of patience. The guide also goes over protecting a paint job that you may have and may also help you assess whether surface scratches on carbon fiber parts are worth worrying about. Want to get rid of them? There's a solution for that too - polishing using buffing and polishing compounds. I hope you will enjoy this and even try some of his tricks and methods.

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  1. Or, you could just have a professional do it for probably not much more then the cost of your materials.

    Also, I would not recommend the paint in the link as you really need a 'flex additive' in the paint in order so that the product is not overly sensitive to chips and scratching.

    Here is a link to a guy I know has a huge amount of expierance in this stuff -

  2. Looks like you'll only need $30 of materials, you can use stuff you have at home for the other things.
    I work in the paint industry and even though I've not had an experience using that particular product I'd recommend leaving the clearcoat over night before sanding and polishing, you'll clog you paper less and you'll get a better finish.
    I'd also say that sanding back after the first layer isn't optional if you want a quality finish, flat it back with 1200 grit and apply a second layer and it'll come up like a mirror.
    It's not rocket science, it's all about the P's; Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance (there's another Anglo Saxon P in there too...). I'd say around 80-90% of a paint job is prep and the rest is waving your arm about.

  3. I never understood why they call it painting, it is called sanding.

    Joe Bell Sanding, for example.

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    The link above is not working. Try this one:


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