Monday, February 09, 2009

6 How A Bicycle Frame Is Powder Coated

How does powder coating work, and how is it better than spray and liquid painting? For starters, there's something involved called the principle of electrostatics (the force on a charged point exerted by a second charge is proportional to the product of charges, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the charges...blah blah blah). Its clean, its dry, and most of all, you get a tougher surface finish. Anyway, watch this video - courtesy of Eastwood Co.

Brooker Enterprises
specializes in Powder Coating. In this video, they show you how they powder coat a customer's frame to her color of choice. Video courtesy of crankmychain.


  1. Anonymous12:45 AM

    If only Colnago did this on my Master frameset. The paint has started to peel off ... :(

  2. Hey wow ron, I didn't know anything about powder coat. Thanks for that.


  3. I learn so much from your posts. The last thing I thought I would learn today was powder coating. COOL! Thanks!

  4. Not meaning to be annoying naysayer but probably sounding very much like one.... I work for a paint company and if you're looking for a coating that'll last for years then powercoat is the way to go; if you want a decorative finish for your favorite bike you'll want paint.
    Powdercoat is pretty thick and looks industrial (they powercoat washing machines etc.) paint is much more controllable which is why they use paint on cars (OK, you'd need a pretty big oven to powdercoat a car!).
    Keep up the great site though, there's some great content here!

  5. Hi Bod, it's good of you to give a fresh perspective on this & great to hear the pros & cons from an industry insider.

  6. Bod : I appreciate that information. Keep reading!


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