Monday, January 05, 2009

16 Vote For Cozy Beehive & Give Me Your Feedback

1. VOTE : It has come to my attention that somehow I made it as finalist for Best Sports Blog in the 2008 Weblog Awards. Classic regression to the mean says that next year, I might not be so lucky in cutting it. Voting has begun. Note that you can vote every 24 hours until January 13, 10pm. If you have a one or two quick minutes and you like what I'm doing, click here to cast your vote. If you don't, who cares.

2. FEEDBACK : I would like to now consider this blog like a control mechanism with closed loop feedback. I manage the blog and write content, but without feedback, I wouldn't be able to steer the blog in a direction that earns more readership from around the world. So before moving forward with posts, I would like to engage you to tell me a few things from any of the following such as :

1) What do you hate, like, or love about this blog?

2) How are colors, fonts, themes and backgrounds on this blog doing for your ocular pleasure? Do you rub your teary eye to see things? Do you wear an eye patch to read Cozy Beehive?

3) Quick to load on your browser, or slow?

4) How do you rate my content, where B=Balls, C=Cute, G for General, PG for Parental Guidance and S for Screwed Up? Any other letters, and abuses are not recommended but neither are comments blocked or banned for your total writing freedom.

5) What topics have you liked, and what more do you like me to blog about?

You can comment below this post and one or two sentences are sufficient, really. Thank You!


  1. Anonymous12:18 AM

    I love what you're doing just keep it as it is ! No probs on my browser but I haven't really liked Google Chrome generally.

  2. I'm still not used to the red and blue paragraphs. It reminds me of the late 1990's Internet that I thought had completely forgotten.

    Please use more subheadings. Some of your blog entries are very long and subheadings would make it easier to skip over parts that seem boring.

  3. I will take into consideration what you said. Thanks.

  4. new to the blog, but I have to say I do like it as a resource for a lot of the technical information behind the "science" of the bike.

    Curious about the War on Gaza death toll in the top corner though.

  5. 2bike : I put the death toll there to inform people about this humanitarian crisis. Certainly no well informed individual with a heart can remain aloof to this. I support innocent Palestinians in this time of peril.

  6. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I threw one vote your way. (I never have heard of the other websites. Personally I am more of a cyclingfansanonymous type of guy.)

    What I like best about your website are the pictures of you riding your bike in upstate New York. Sometimes I forget that riding a bike is supposed to be fun. Also, it makes the website more personal. It is comforting to have a face to go along with the writing.

  7. Anon : I enjoy my cyclophotography more than anything else, honestly. I take a passion for riding my bike, instead of falling victim to cliches, lifestyles and regiments of "competitive cyclists" More than wanting to be a strong cyclist, I celebrate the sheer passion for cycling. Thanks for the compliment.

  8. Benny Bowen5:36 PM

    You know what I like about your blog? Freedom to express your thought! Simple. I have been on numerous stupid websites where you're not allowed to comment as yourself, or anonymously because you're required to have a bullshit Google account. And tell you what... I stopped reading them too. Good for them. Its pretty annoying.

  9. Anon @ 4:44 : I believe Kissing Suzy Kolber is to NFL what BSNYC is to fixed gear cycling, or cycling in general or whatever he rants about... I don't have any idea of the other blogs. Even though I think I'll get slaughtered in the polls, I just discovered some more blogs to read and waste more time lol :)

  10. Anonymous5:59 PM

    "How do you rate my content?"

    i hope you're not enamored by the whole australian webpage ratings kabloosh.

  11. Anonymous7:39 PM

    I have been following the war in Gaza from websites. Not from CNN. Mainstream American media anchors talk about the war mainly from the Israeli side, and even their rhetoric sounds like those of the Israeli military. This is pathetic and a dishonest coverage of war.

  12. Just came across your blog, so I can't give lots of good feedback, unless you like lies, prevarications and similar methods of flattery. Still, I like the colors and it loads fast enough on IE.

    Good luck in the voting!

    Happy New Year, Happy Trails!
    Ride One or Ride None!

  13. You got my vote, Ron. Good luck!

  14. What I like most about your blog is originality. You explain how bike work scientifically in layman's term. I'm a mechanical engineer and quite new to cycling. I just started my own blog a few months ago and trying to avoid being boring. Everyone can use Google and find out how to service parts. What you have to offer aren't available elsewhere and to me is really inspire how I write my blog.

    Tanapat D.

  15. You got my vote also Ron. Good Luck with it.


  16. Ty guys. Dont forget to vote every day till the 13th if Jan!


Thank you. I read every single comment.