Tuesday, December 02, 2008

5 Colbert's Truthiness on The Iranian Cycling Team

Stephen Colbert, the political satirist and host of the Colbert Report, has his own wiki called Wikiality a.k.a The Truthiness Encyclopedia. Just out of chance, I came across one of the articles on it on none other than the Iranian Cycling Team.

Says Wikiality :

'The Iranian Cycling Team is a sleeper cell belonging to Al Qaeda's Iranian branch called the "Iranian National Cycling Federation".

The "team" consists of five "cyclists" and four "team officials" that enter Western countries under the guise of signing up for "cycling competitions" and "races" as a sporting team.

The "team" infiltrate a helpless nation by disappearing into the local population to gather intelligence that is sent back to Al Qaeda's headquarters in Afghanistan Iraq Pakistan Iran.'

Now, truthiness operatives have discovered that Iran is planning on using this method to infiltrate America's bank in 2008.'

Hmm.. I'm not sure what you would think about that one. Sarcasm aside, Iranian people are pretty nice and the country itself is one of the most misunderstood in the world, largely because of the crappy picture most of western media has painted of it. BBC Horizon's documentary on Inside Iran is one of the best I have seen so far. Watch it here.


  1. I'm with you ron.

    Besides they would have a hard time getting their bikes on planes in the overhead luggage to use as a weapon of mass destruction.

    Or perhaps they will ride their bikes into presidential motorcades. They won't use their lightweight wheelsets for this.


  2. Folding bikes could be the terror equipment of choice. Bikes are also getting so aerodynamic that in a few years, they'll be invisible. This will further aid criminals wishing to use bikes for their campaigns. Yes, Lew, Zipps and Lightweights are definitely out of the picture. But so are 2 ton noob wheelsets. I bet the terrorists would prefer getting killed than battle rotational inertia :)

  3. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Look at the bright side of boron lightweight wheels...boron is actually explosive :) Your workload is decreased.

  4. Anon : I'm not sure about Boron by itself being explosive. Certain Boron compounds with hydrogen could be flammable and/or even toxic.

  5. So, you're saying that the pres. shouldn't drive a hydrogen fueled car in the future unless boron wheelsets are banned.



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