Tuesday, December 16, 2008

12 Call Of Duty 4 Has Many Bicycles

While hunting down masked gunmen in Call of Duty 4 on the PS3, only a silly bike lover like me would notice the good number of bicycles in various maps in the first person shooter. Whether terrorists care about cardiovascular fitness, or whether they are simply patrons of green transportation options, I do not know.

However, someone hasn't done justice to the two wheelers as they turned out to be largely old and non-branded bikes with what seemed like rusty frames and crappy rod brakes. Interestingly, the saddles on all of them stood out like they were of nice brown leather. You know, those fancy, comfy made in England types. Apparently, given a choice between enduring ugly saddle sores or blowing themselves up, I guess terrorists would take the latter.

So I forgot gunfights and flash grenades for a moment, and kept staring at the biciclettas in mundo virtual. Which explains the headshot I took right into my bloody cranium seconds later. Sniff sniff....ok, whatever. I fell for the brothers. Anything for the team.

Looks like a post Sunday morning Jihadi group ride. Might the shells from my M249 rattle their recovery luncheon inside?

Wow...look at all those bikes up in this shop! Okay, mental reminder to check for IED's....

I stalked this one at night, kept next to a shoddy mattress. Now don't get any ideas...

As me and my partner get ready to inflitrate this house, I spot another one kept outside. "Hey, take care of them in there will ya....I'm going for a ride."

Does Flying Pigeon export to the Middle East?

As I switch sniping positions, here's another one with training tires. Someone's doing basemiles for Tour de Terror. And he better be stopped!

Speaking of video games, watch this old grandma play her PS3. Buhahahaha... 

(Language Warning)


  1. Anonymous9:34 PM

    What a cool grandma!

  2. I don't get it...you seem incredulous that terrorists or whoever rides old rod-brake machines. What did you expect -- jihadis on Wilier Triestinas or Colnago C50s ?!?!?

  3. You have a point Ghost. I would not expect Jihadis to ride fast bikes. Infact, going over 20mph may work against them. Think about all the beard sticking on your face in the wind! :)

  4. Where's his basket to carry bombs?

  5. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Correction : They can ride fast bikes. They just have to gel down their beard.

  6. Ha ha...the beards! Good point!

  7. I think terrorists using crappy bikes could benefit the military force? :) Get the CIA to have them secretly assembled by Walmart. Voila! As the Jihadis mount a bicycle to get away, all the components begin to fall off like leaves on a tree.

  8. Anonymous10:32 PM

    When the Germans occupied the Netherlands they stole a lot of bicycles, so kudos to the designers of COD4 for incorporating an obscure bit of historical reference.

  9. Anonymous10:44 PM

    The Nazis were fascists AND they were bicycle thieves!

  10. Anon : Cool. I didn't know that. But this game is set in a fictional future. Your objective as a Marine (or SAS commando) is to track down a rogue ultranationalist Russian leader named Imran Zakhaev who's supposedly amassing stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction... (ooh, any parallels from the Bush admin Iraq war story?) Somehow the fighting also ties in with the Middle East... Sigh, it is all over the place. Hence the name World at War.

    Check out the complicated plot here

  11. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Uhh, sorry, I guess I was thinking of some other video game set in WWII, which one is it? I haven't played COD4 and those bikes look vintage... But you could still assume the bad guys stole the bikes, it just makes you want to shoot them that much more.

  12. Well the early installments of COD were set around that time. Im really sick and tired of running out of a boat into Normandy crying blood. I can think of two other titles called Medal of Honor and Battlefield 1942 but I personally never tried them out. Yes, they must have stolen the bikes. Someone didn't use U-locks.


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