Monday, May 05, 2008

3 TREK Design and Engineering Screencasts

When I hopped onto the Solidworks main webpage this afternoon, I was pleased to see a head banner enclosing screencasts of TREK designing bicycles with the software. If engineering and bicycles piques you, then you may be very interested in watching these screencasts and going through the case studies. Click here to view the page.

There is no doubt in my mind that CAD (computer aided design) applications have revolutionized the way modern bicycles are designed and manufactured. When you think of CAD, Solidworks quickly comes to mind. Over the past few years, it has been on top of its game, enabling mechanical engineers and designers all over the world transform design ideas and intent to fruition, increasing efficiency, decreasing lead times and importantly, time to market. It is no wonder then that recently, Solidworks 2008 was chosen as the Product of the Year as part of the NASA Tech Brief's Readers Choice Award.


  1. When I first got into the scientific area we were using AutoCad 10. Dos based.

  2. The earliest version I can remember was R11. Boy, it was interesting to work with it.

  3. Anonymous11:38 AM

    RPI started teaching Unigraphics NX instead of Solidworks. UGS NX is such a awful program, horribly complicated and with lots of little tricks you need to know. Supposedly much more powerful than Solidworks. I like Solidworks better though. Pro/E ain't bad either.


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