Wednesday, April 23, 2008

14 A Pop Quiz

I'm confident that a wide spectrum of people from all walks of life and experiences read this blog. Thank you and keep reading. Take it a step further and contribute to comments. I'd like to be senstitive to your issues and problems as well. Cross talk and reaching out is great, especially with this web 2.0 phenomena. Furthermore, if any of you are experiencing problems such as color disparities, slow page load times, browser hangups etc, do get these things out to me by email if possible. I will optimize as much as I can with the resources that I currently have. It will be a loss on my part if none of you can read what I post.

I have 2 more things to add :

1. I need the experience and knowledge of you readers to help me fill out the 'Failed Bicycle Ideas' section on the left sidebar (scroll down, underneath 'Bicycle Industry'). I filled one out today called the Itera plastic bicycle, which was a total failure with customers. Other ideas that come to mind are the electronic shifting gizmos of the early periods, but let's have it from you. You can submit your input through the comments here, or pass me an email!

2. POP QUIZ : Look to your left. The Bee Bio shows the black and white image of a man who obviously isn't me, as some or most of you may have already figured out.

So who on earth is it? And what is his significance to the bicycling industry?


  1. OK... I 've been searching the internet and can't find anything.
    I give up... who's the man?

  2. Aaaah Don, not so quick! :)

  3. What about the Auto Bike?

  4. Happy to contribute and will twist my little brain for some smart and constructive input.

    No issues with loading times and love the layout and colour scheme of your blog. Nice work.

  5. Is it Paul de Vivie - Inventor of the first easy-to-use derailleur? (That's a wild guess!)

    P.S. Can we have some hints?

  6. Could it be: John K. Starley?

    He was an English cycling enthusiast who modernized the design of our favorite machine by giving it equal sized wheels, rear drivetrain, rubber wheels. Bikes look basically the same today because of his design decisions.

  7. John :

    Brilliant! I thought it would have harder.

    Yes it is JKS. He is the father of the modern bicycle and an amazing inventor. His Rover 'safety bicycle' gave the basic design for all bicycles we see today. Nothing has changed dramatically from his idea in a 100 years.

    The only aspect that became unpopular over time was his solid rubber wheels which gave a harsh ride with much rolling resistance. Soon Goodyear discovered vulcanization the rest is history.

    Did you also know that Starley invented chain drive differential. It was incorporated into automobiles by Karl Benz.

    The bottomline to all this is that the automobile industry has much to owe to the bicycle and the people behind it! It has inspired many to great thoughts and ideas.

  8. Thanks to all for trying. :)

  9. Yeah man, I played my cards right at Battenkill for 99% of the race, then the final was a little tricky! Tufts course is one of my favorite of the year--I never like it while I am in the race, but before and after it is great!

  10. Marla :

    I'm not too familiar with the autobike you mention. Are you referring to bicycles that automakers come out with that are ridiculously expensive and are much within the showbike area.

    Or are you talking about those cheap walmart like bikes with automatic shifting? They seem to be on commercials a lot. Landrider comes to mind. (

    Why do you think this is a failure?

  11. Sorry I'm writing so much. A majority of us hate those automatic shifting bicycles, but it seems to be a great success with older folks. Should it be deemed a failure is the question.

  12. Groover :

    Thank you for the compliments. However, if you have keen observation, you'll note that the remnants of a poor photoshop work is evident in the 'eraser' mark, just above 'Bee Bio'.

    I wasn't aware of it until it went online, and I don't plan on taking it out. I like it actually LOL....

  13. Yes, the cheap auto transmission on a walmart type of bike.
    I was thinking it a failure because it was supposed to revolutionize bicycling for the average person. But, I don't see them around anymore.

  14. Marla : Thank you. I will find a good link and add it. Obviously no one in the past has gotten auto transmission right, even big companies like Mavic. The fact that a Walmart like bicycle tried it surely makes things even laughable. I'll check it out.


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