Friday, April 11, 2008

9 Are you Ready?

Who'll be here raising arms up in glory?


  1. It looks like Cancellara is ready for a "first man into the velodrome" once again. With a bit of luck (we all need that!) and the support of a super-team... my money is on the swiss.

  2. I agree. Cancellara has shown some good form already this year and seems very motivated.

    I just doubt I'll be able to stay up to watch it live.

  3. great photo

    i love the one day classics

  4. I have three picks :

    1. Boonen : He's won this back in '05 and knows it all too well.

    2. Juan Antonio Flecha : He seems to be peaking up for the major cobbles.

    3. Ballan the 'Bontempino' : This kid can take a lot of beating. 3rd at the Roubaix in '06.

  5. Boonen is going to be up for it after last year's slow start in the classics.

    But Cancellara seems to have a jet up his butt lately.


  6. Congratulations Ron and bluenoser for your right pick!

    I didn't manage to stay up all night so had to read about the race this morning. Can't wait to watch it.

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  8. Groover,

    Thank you. Looks like I was right about Boonen.

    Rob and Angela,

    This sounds like something I'll definitely have to look into. Thanks.

  9. Oh those sprinters...



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