Saturday, January 26, 2008

2 A Word to Readers

Ciao! Tutto bene?!!

I want to extend a word of gratefulness to all my cycling and non-cycling readers. I believe I spend more time reading other's blogs than attending to my own. I love to hear in on what others are doing in different parts of the world. The common thread (no pun intended) between us bloggers is the almost consuming passion to ride our bikes and talk about it, all the time. Yeah, all the time. No kidding. How many times have your wifes or husbands poked you in the nose with your mini frame pump telling you that you are crazy!!

I've been mentioned a few times around by some bloggers out there. One lately that comes to mind is John's Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog. I have been a reader for some months now. John picks up some interesting stuff, everything from science, engineering to management focus.

While I don't focus too much on my personal life, or advocacy, humor or snobs, I feel my technology and business prone interests have led me to create a blog thats growing by leaps and bounds, and I hope it can carve out a unique niche in the blogosphere. Too much marketing and colorful pictures and weighing scale records in bicycling websites and magazines leaves something to be desired. What is exactly going on behind the curtains?

One thing I'd like to mention is that I don't necessarily feel everyone should read my blog. People must be crazy or have a mindset like me when they pop in here, I wonder. What is my mindset? It is one geared towards having fun in college while learning something new everyday.

My dirty little secret is that cycling, while definitely opening up my mind and clearing my thoughts and breathing channels, has also exposed me to the incredible multidisciplinary nature of the fields of science and engineering itself. I don't know how many of you can relate with me on that note. Probably the one fact may be that most of you are not in college anymore! (I'm entering the turbo machinery industry myself in June) but hey, its never too late to discover!

Discovery, learning and adventure = Youth! Cycling should cover it all.

Anyhow, I'll keep posting from time to time and the people who want to read my posts will eventually find me. This is what I believe in.


  1. Hi Ron

    Exactly, just continue to write about what you are passionate about and then you will have a lot in common with whoever reads you.

    I write about big climbs/rides near me and have ended up meeting/riding/sharing stories/ trip planning etc with loads of great people.

    I know very little about the engineering of bikes (hence you are on my reading list) :)

  2. Will,

    I'm not saying I know a lot of engineering of bikes :) But bicycles fascinate me! All my posts have some research oriented amateur journalism in it, if you will :)


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