Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2 How its Made : C02 Cartridges

Hi readers. I hope you had some great time with family and friends. While the New Year fever quietly wears away, get a cup of tea (highly endorsed by this blog!) and watch some sweet manufacturing in action!

CO2 cartridges are lightweight, and convenient to carry. The best convenience is in the fact that they pack a powerful punch so you don't loose any time to the devil at the pit stop. How are those nice zinc plated bodies of steel made anyway?

The deep drawing process is most interesting to see
. The same technology is used to make soda cans. Here's also a patent to the "Bottle-Shaped Can Manufacturing Process". Thanks to TimStrab for the video.


  1. That is very interesting. Ever since I started using these last spring on my training rides (been a lifesaver a few times when I got flats) I've always wanted to know how they get so much CO2 under so much pressure into the bottle and then cap them. Just the capping part was baffling me, how they would keep the pressure of the CO2 in the bottles and cap them without losing any CO2. I'm not a big fan of "How it's Made" but do watch a few here and there and must have missed this one!

  2. Zach,

    That is some healthy curiosity. These cans are really small scale, think about those heavy duty fire extinguishers or the chemicals they use in the labs.

    Check in here for more.


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