Wednesday, December 05, 2007

4 An Opening from Eddy Merckx : The Greatest Show of All Time

Guys. My final exams are around the corner so I'll be busy burning some midnight oil.

I leave you with a short opening from Giro d'Italia, the Greatest Show on Earth. I presented this to my Italian class this past week. The gravity of the carnival following the riders on the Italian streets made it a good candidate for a student given lecture on Italian sporting culture.

Its an amazing clip from the 70's, and the scenes of the riders on the switchbacks makes you want to be there in the action. Caspita! (Wow) Very cool indeed. Sorry for the abrupt ending, but this is all what the demo version of the editing software, XiliSoft, could do.



  1. I have that film. It is awesome. Cycling seemed much purer back then. Eddy was/is the best.

  2. Donald9:09 AM

    Wow... what nostalgia. I need to get this film. Thanks for taking me back to Italy for 5 minutes.
    It is a great show!

  3. One of the truly great cycling films. Right up there with Jorgen Leth's masterpieces.

  4. Anonymous1:39 AM

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