Monday, December 24, 2007

0 Track Crash at Melbourne

Going strictly in sequence, I want to point your attention to crash # 4 and 6. The slow motion makes everything look like poetry, but it gives one an excellent chance to analyze a high speed crash. Crash 4 involves a direct hit on the hip area and the head, while crash # 6 has the individual somersaulting in a sideways position before he lands on another rider. Actually, wait. Its a bicycle that lands on him. Oww....ccchhh

The other crashes were no less severe, and some took blows to the head and chest. I think the slope also worsened everything in the end, making riders slip/linger away in pain inspite of their split second ordeal.

Bike racing is not funny. I hope the racers are doing fine, but fine is no word if you want to get back to racing again.

On a more peaceful note, Merry Christmas and have a fantastic new year!


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