Sunday, October 21, 2007

1 SRAM Red crankset... kinda boring...

You would think SRAM Red would look like the next thing from planet bike, for all the publicity stunts that went months before it came out. For traditionalists like me, the SRAM red crankset looks like one of the fugliest thing to come out of cycling merchandize.

I still feel the Dura Ace 10 speed (no, I don't have it on my bicycle) is the hottest looking crankset.. Its simple, stylish, the looks are hot... you'll definitely make a bold statement...and it'll get anyone to salinate (hopefully they won't spit it out!)

In Red though, the black and gray combo repels my eyes, and SRAMS's idea of etching their name all over the crankset like a child's scribbling on a wall seems like an afterthought... its a world below Dura Ace in aethetics. SRAM's engineering is top notch, however they probably need better industrial designers or something..

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  1. Anonymous7:05 PM

    I don't think so, imho the silver shiny colour is something that hardly matches any frame paint sheme ...
    it's somehow an agressiv eyecatcher not like the sram...
    have you seen it on the TTX 9.9sl?
    the bike seems like one unity!
    another thing is the creativity, while fsa or maybe Campa cranks are usually black or with carbon struckture, they tried a complete new design, it's the braveness to get out off the odd silver and monotonic black style that makes the new RED group someow unique...
    on the other hand, it's well known that concerning weight to stiffness to price the shimano DA crank is still on top...
    so far
    ride on
    lg Honson


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